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Worst Day ever >_>

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I'll keep it short and snappy today, because I've gotta revise, but I had a terrible day today >_>

3 exams today - Musical theory grade 5 (That was too easy though :P), French listening (Those people on the tape talk so slowly, even I, with no talent for languages can pick them out :P) and French Reading (I can't speak or write french, but when its given to me, its fairly easy)

Those were the usual affair, easy, but very long, and in no way annoy me in the slightest, which was a positive :D

But it all went bad after school:

My train which I catch to the main station got delayed, and the other station was 2 miles away in the opposite direction and I only had 15 minutes to get to the station. If I took the delayed train, I'd almost certainly have been late and missed the train going home, so I took my chances

Now, my school is in a busy city, and getting across it isn't easy - big A roads, rush hour traffic, and worst of all, hills >_>. I made it, although I had to run at a very quick speed, with my blazer, my school bag, and my kit bag, and it killed me >_>

I got home fine, I just had a hard time getting trains.

Oh and this made me laugh - read the free newspaper that you can get, and the main artical was, "Train users like their trains to be on time." And the survey cost over 1 million pounds, it makes me wonder how stupid people must be to write a paper on it.

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  1. Kurt's Avatar
    LOL; irony.

    Lucky about your French recordings; ours always talk *just* too fast for us to understand them. Luckily, our teacher understands by the surprised, shocked looks on our faces that we'll need to hear it again. xD
  2. S Tailor's Avatar
    You know, we had to do the april 2006 GCSE Paper (Thats a big, big exam, and I passed with A* for an exam aimed at 15 year olds... lol)

    I can only imagine how many people got As :P

    My friends complained about the spanish being to quick - they said it sounded a bit like "myamoblahymuybien" and etc. I don't do spanish, so I can't comment, but it sounds harder than the french :P
  3. pondertheworld's Avatar
    Pssh, if you think that French and Spanish is fast, wait 'till you hear Chinese! I died multiple times in that class.
  4. Psychic4Life's Avatar
    Is today one of your last days of school? Because I start to take my Spanish Exams on Tuesday the 9th. And Spanish definnitely isn't harder than it looks. It's really easy to me.
  5. pikaluva13's Avatar
    That sounds like a pretty great day!
  6. cowmoo83's Avatar
    I guess you just have to get used to it cause that's how fast they speak in france... Yeah, happens to me too... but how can you not write/speak it? How long have you been taking French?
  7. S Tailor's Avatar
    P4L: Nope, not one of the last, just 5 weeks of running between stations left

    PTW: I can speak Hindi, and thats pretty bad, quicker than French and spanish, but hindi has no gender agreements so its pretty easy

    Adam: Well, I guess its pretty mediocre, although I did pull 2 muscles in my right leg running.

    Brady: I've been taking the class for 5 years, and I can still do only the basic stuff, because I can't grasp its concepts. I can only speak Hindi because I go to india every year, for about 1-2 weeks at a time. Currently I'm learning Gujarati as well, it should be interesting.
  8. joinred1127's Avatar
    I love the Hindi language!

    I know someone who can speak it really well. She incorporates the language into her art as well.


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