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Happenings as of Late

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Hey all,

I wanted to take some time and express my excitement over all the activity currently happening on PokeFarm.

First, and what makes this blog possible, is that I have been made an Admin - I dont know if there is a formal announcement coming or not, so I'm choosing to out myself here. That means that I'll be able to handle even more of the requests that come in for various admin-related duties. Yay for that!

Second, my long time assistant has moved on and gotten his own gym *sniff* If you're reading this, there's no doubt that you've read Revelp8's blog announcing that he is going to be the next Icicle gym leader! Way to go Jimmy! He is a supurb battler and I'm sure that he will give his challengers a heck of a fight.

Best of luck Jimmy!

- And yes, at some point I will be adding a new assistant.

Third, Battling Arts. I stepped in to oversee Battling Arts a short time ago, and I believe that many positive things are happening there. We are gearing up for the 2nd Bull Run since getting a specific subforum for the program, and the first tournament is underway! Battling arts is a program where new or inexperienced members can come and learn the art of battling from a seasoned veteran. The 'Bull runs' or tutoring period lasts 2 weeks for each session, and is followed by a tournament for the students who take part. I believe that we have the structure in place that will make Battling Arts a long lasting and successful program. We're always looking for more students and Tutors, so feel free to see the respective threads to sign up if interested.

With a couple of the gyms getting new leaders, I hope to see an increase in the challenges in the gym system overall, and new contests within the gyms that involve a little bit more than battling (You make the Team, etc)

I guess that's really all for now, I'm excited to see how you all respond to some of the new things that are on the way as well, it should be a great summer here at PokeFarm!

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  1. pikaluva13's Avatar
    *superb :P
    congrats on becoming an admin!
  2. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    I still like the green. No blue... :P
  3. cowmoo83's Avatar
    You'll be seeing a challenge from me over the summer... but, yes... it is surprising how many people have changed titles gym-wise lately... things have been crazy... but I guess that's good!

    Congratz on becoming an admin!
  4. Gouswer's Avatar
    Are 8 badge members allowed to re-challenge the gyms for fun?
  5. Kurt's Avatar
    Congratulations once again! And yes, you do look better in green. ^_^

    I'd say I'd be challenging you this summer, too, but first I'll have to get past whoever your new assistant is... *groan*


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