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Your looking at a new gym leader

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wow! i still can't believe it. Me, a gym leader!! im soo PSYCHED!! I don't have access to the area yet, so i guess ill be making an official announcement to the forum tomorrow. I don't know if i should post it here or not...admins will edit it out i guess, but i will be changing the gym typing from Ice/dark to Ice/water. It provides more free slots and a diverse amount of pokemon from my side to use at my disposal. Hopefully I can have all the pokemon on my platinum FC to make use of the tutored moves

A bit of trivia...the old guy that is my new avatar is the ice gym leader from Mahogany Town, from generation II. His name is Pryce, and the picture just looks so awesome. he's like...bring it! and i hope all of my challengers will bring it, I look forward to defending the badge well

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  1. rj61's Avatar
    Well Congrats James. I know I said it before but I am sure you will do great.
  2. cowmoo83's Avatar
    congratz! I'm sure you'll be a great leader! And Pryce is Epic... good avatar choice.
  3. Kurt's Avatar
    Congratulations, Jimmy!! Maybe I'll come battle lose to you soon. ^_^
  4. Rolytic's Avatar
    Congrats, revelp! And Pryce is one of my favs from Gen 2 as well. I hope you get some great challengers. Oh, and the "Your" in the title should be "you're" as in "you are". No offense, I just wanted to point that out.
  5. XD001's Avatar
    Pryce was awesome. He apparently sits under a waterfall through Spring, Summer, August, and Winter to become a better trainer.
  6. pikaluva13's Avatar
    *you're :P (oh rolytic pointed this out)
    In other words, congrats Jimmy!
  7. Gouswer's Avatar
    Congratz =3=
  8. Cherkat's Avatar
    Wonderful news Jimmy You will do a great job!


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