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The State of the Farm

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I would like to begin this post by personally thanking the following members:


All of these members have chosen to become PokeFarm Supporters. The funds raised by these members have repaid the cost of keeping the forum software current and adding the blog feature. You folks have my sincerest thanks!

Advertising revenue from the site is still sufficient to pay the server fees so I don't want anyone to think that the site has any financial problems. However, some of the staff members have been talking about offering real prizes for tournaments and other special events.

These prizes are not big ticket items (we will not be giving away Wii's or DS's) but will instead be small fun items such as Poke-plushies and other strange import toys. I would like all of you to post in the comments ideas (or links) to small prizes you would like to see offered.

I know PokemonUSA used to give out badge pins at their card events but I know of no source to get such things. If someone knows of a source please let me know.

I also have a request to make. Does anyone here on the forum know anything about creating a browser toolbar? I'm interested in putting together a PokeFarm toolbar that would integrate with the forums, offer the RSS feed from the main site and be able to offer PokeDex features. I know all of the move data is not in our database yet but that is a lot of data! The level up moves are in but we are still adding in egg and TM moves.

(Thanks to Nana Nettie for her help on the PokeDex thus far)

In closing the state of the farm is good. I'll be renewing the server for another six months in October and all is well.

PS: If anyone wants to host a website on the same server (30 slots) I have some openings and the rates are quite low.

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  1. MissingNo.'s Avatar
    I think everyone has their favorite Pokemon or evolution line. Maybe a bundle of things they can be found that are relevent to that Pokemon. Its a very hard task. Maybe if she wants to, Babael can help. She knows all about where these kinds of items can be found and for cheap.
  2. Vott's Avatar
    aw i wish i was a pokefarm supporter
  3. Kay's Avatar
    For prizes, I like the plushy idea. Also maybe the "gift" function on the Wii might be something cool for prizes, assuming the winner has a Wii. Maybe small gift cards to Amazon or Gamestop or something.

    An option I like to give people when Christmas/my birthday rolls around that might work here is giving to a charity of their choice. Like for Xmas/birthday I say, "Instead of buying me something put that money into your favourite charity." Maybe the winner of whatever contest could have that option too, like maybe he/she doesn't care so much for Pokeplushies or whatever, they can say, "Put the cost of my prize into Such-and-Such Charity."
  4. KitsuneGin's Avatar
    I like the charity idea, I like the giftcard idea too. Jamba Juice giftcards anyone?
  5. nana nettie's Avatar
    Peach Pleasure for sure Good idea!


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