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I have a blog?

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I have a blog? I can't believe that O_O

I guess I'll just update everyone on the Battling Arts.

We have indeed got a subforum for it and we are currently setting it up. I think we should be done very soon, its simply a matter of setting up the rules, which are half done right now.

Bobreeder has also agreed to write a simple guide on some strategys to use on a team.

Apart from that we're happy. We just wish we had a couple more tutors. If you have some battle experience and are interested, send me a PM and we'll happily accept you.

So far this week has been a fairly wierd one: Swine Flu, Battling Arts, and lots more work than usual.

My English teacher is making us write out stuff on Hamlet, and Hamlet is much more boring than most plays. Perhaps thats why most teachers like it?

Sega seem to have updated Empire Total war and now its more expensive for each unit :sad:

But in positive news on strategy games I managed to plant my 5th colony after a week of building in Ikariam. I took a while to get there but the push was well worth it, and hopefully today i'll get the GR up to spec :D

Please note that the next one will be longer and better, and hopefully with more relevant news haha

But anyway, if anyone want to be a tutor, please send me a PM, you'd help the cause considerably. *waits for PMs*


Oh... :P

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  1. pondertheworld's Avatar
    You don't have a blog.
    Stop imagining things, jeez.
  2. Kurt's Avatar
    Did the tumbleweed roll out of my Blog description into your entry? Tsk, tsk. *grabs up and places back in own description*
    LOL; look forward to more!
  3. joinred1127's Avatar
    You probably got your blog because of the subforum. That's what happened with me.
  4. S Tailor's Avatar

    More than Likely, or it could be for winning the ladder and getting 1 month subscription to pokefarm supporter
    Updated 05-03-2009 at 01:25 PM by S Tailor
  5. joinred1127's Avatar


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