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Nuggets of Joy from yours truly!

Aaaawwwww MAN!!!

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:eek: I am such a guy!...I totally missed my Anniversary!!!

:rolleyes: No not my Wedding Anniversary...that I can remember...I forgot my PokeFarm Anniversary!!!

On September 20th, 2007 I made one of the best decisions of my life...I joined this forum!!!

I have been a fan of Pokemon ever since the beginning...I watched the cartoons, I played the games, I even collected the toys.

Does anybody remember back in 1999 when Burger King came out with the 57 Pokemon toys for the first movie! I got soooo sick of Burger King food that year...oh the memories...

Oops! a little off track where was I?...Oh yeah! When my son was younger he loved Pokemon and he tried to play Fire Red & Leaf Green but back then he was still to little and couldn't read yet so it made the game rather frustrating for him.

So last year when Diamond and Pearl came out I saw the release of the new games as a great opportunity for my son to strengthen his now great reading abilities. Of course being the dad I am I wanted to have all the answers to the questions that he would have when he played. So I started playing the game a week or so before I gave it to him...:rolleyes: he of course caught up to me in no time!

One day I was looking online trying to find a way to get Mudkip, Totodile and Torchic when I came upon and saw that TheTaterTot was not only giving away a Mudkip but a shiny one at 4 other shinys! Just giving them away!!!! The generosity here still amazes me some times!

After searching some more I discovered that all of the starters I was looking for had been bred & traded in the past...and may be bred again. I quickly created accounts for my son and I and over the last year I am happy to say that I have received SOOOOOO much more then those three hard to get starters that I originally joined for.

In the past year I have learned so much about the game that I never really understood...IV's, EV's, breeding, battling, chaining (Okay I still can't do this one but I understand it! he he).

I have also made met a TON of great people and I consider a good amount of you my friends. I am so happy that I found this site and that Steve created such a positive community for us to enjoy. Of course if it wasn't for some of the veterans here, who knows if the PokeFarm would have been what it is today...

I would love to name all the people that have helped me but I'm not going to name any names...cause seriously the list would be long....real long!!! (I needed lots of help!)

I want to thank all of the members of the PokeFarm forums for making the last year so enjoyable! Even if we have never talked before there's a good chance that if you are active in the forums then you have touched me in one way or another.

Through your charity, your knowledge, your creativity, your quick wit, or your drive to compete...I have enjoyed reading all of the threads here and interacting with so many of you on a daily basis. I really can't wait to see what the next year has in store!

:hug:Thanks for everything PokeFarm!


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  1. LovelyStrife's Avatar
    A few days late but just as happy.

    Happy aniversary.
  2. nana nettie's Avatar
    That is so like you to forget something that important! Anyways, you're welcome Oh, you weren't talking about me Whatever! jk

    I'm glad you're here too
  3. joinred1127's Avatar
    *hugs T4L* Happy Anniversary.

    There are a lot of them coming up in the next two months.
  4. Krispy's Avatar
    It has been a pleasure having you here. A happy anniversary to you!
  5. Deneves's Avatar
    Count myself also as a member lured here by Tatertot's siren call. I too am grateful to Steve for creating an environment that I can feel comfortable in and would like to wish you a happy anniversary and let you know PokeFarm is a better place with you as one of its members.
  6. Cherkat's Avatar
    What Deneves said Happy Anniversary T4L - you add so much to the farm
  7. Momtaro's Avatar
    Ditto for me too, Buddy! The farm wouldn't be the same without you!
  8. Kay's Avatar
    Hehe. Happy Pokeversary.
  9. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    I still remember when I purchased that first blue GBA for my daughter. My wife was less than thrilled but my daughter just had to have the Pokemon.

    She had been hooked on them about a year earlier when a friend gave her some of the TCG cards.

    We started with Sapphire and then found the older ones. She's currently on a Viva Pinata kick but I still have my Pokemon
  10. Taterbud's Avatar
    Aww... *sniffle* I'm not crying, I just got some sentiment stuck in my eye!! Hee hee, but that is sweet Joby, you make Pokefarm what it is today too!
  11. TheTaterTot's Avatar
    Awwwwwwww, I was called by the starter siren myself! This place is too much fun, glad to have you!
  12. WestCoastNinja's Avatar

    ^that says it all.
  13. cowmoo83's Avatar
    speaking of this topic, thanks for telling me about this site smack dab on thanksgiving day! Yeah! Now I can celebrate two holidays on one day XP


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