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mad world

brrrring brrrrring!

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Because phone noises are perfectly acceptable as blog titles, honestly.

Anyway, I have been pathetically inactive the past couple of months. Spring break working on building houses halfway across the country, returned to a city under siege by the river, school came back with a vengeance, and general life. 'Tis good, though. I can expand with details if anyone wishes; for now a bare outline as I reacquaint myself with old haunts.

How is everyone doing here?

Also, I am down to my last minutes of this age.

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  1. Kurt's Avatar
    ...Who are you?
    ha ha, j/k

    Happy birthday! *scurries off to make thread*
  2. Psychic4Life's Avatar
    I'm doing good. And I believe we haven't met. I'm Psy, or Matt if you like. And what Kurt said: Happy birthday!
  3. cowmoo83's Avatar
    I'm okay... Too much Hw though *sigh*


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