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Ladder challenges update.

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I know I have a few of you on the ladder list. Ill try to get to battle all of you, but im really booked this week. i got dance practice right after my classes and im most likely going to be away all weekend. if you would like to get a battle with me, it would have to be next week at the latest.

also, on other issues, im reading twilight. its pretty good so far. :twisted:

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  1. becnoir's Avatar
    I'm reading it too. I'm on chap 7.... (can't read that much, School.)
  2. cowmoo83's Avatar
    twilight.. yeah, many people have told me to read the first one... I'm not sure though cause I have like 4 other books that are "must reads" that I haven't made it to...
  3. Bobreeder's Avatar
    Darn, this twilight thing seems to b pretty big... I only know there's some vampire named Edvard or something in it...
  4. Gouswer's Avatar
    I thought the vampy's name was Eduardo
  5. joinred1127's Avatar
    The dude's name is Edward. :P
  6. Eevee Forever's Avatar
    yup it is..
  7. Kay's Avatar
    As far as Twilight goes, I just want to mention: As much as all the girls now are begging God for a guy like Edward to walk into their life, it's NOT the kind of relationship anyone should be in... It's an abusive relationship and I fear for this new generation of girls that are growing up wanting to be just like Bella.

    But they are a fun read aside from that
  8. revelp8's Avatar
    oh yes, because of that, it makes me wonder why they would fangirl on a vampire, that would like to kill the very girl he loves.

    Irony works wonders sometimes. but its a fun read anyways. i just hope that i never run into one of those fans that are extremely extremely obsessed about it.
  9. pondertheworld's Avatar
    I can't believe you're reading Twilight...

    Kay, you're awesome!! Edward is such a controlling and hurtful person... Which is why Jacob is much better~
  10. revelp8's Avatar
    hey, im bored with school, what else can i do to kill time :P

    its a good book so far.
  11. pondertheworld's Avatar
    Blahahahahaha. You could... Volunteer at a homeless shelter... >_>

    The cake is a lie!


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