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Dancing kills your feet

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literally. Its what taking up most of my time now. I just only got back from dance practice :( and I AM DEAD TIRED.

First, I got folklorico practice for my performance on may 1st on campus. *sigh* i just wish my group can get all coordinated in about 3 weeks time. I should probably explain what folklorico dancing is. folklorico as per says - [I]Mexican folk dancing, esp. a program or repertoire of such dances.[/I]

so yea, we stomp our feet, get in positions, stomp some more, get in new positions...rinse and repeat. kills feet i tell you.

On to more pressing matters, as you all know, Easter is coming up. Since im not a kid anymore, my parents don't really hide the eggs from me. So instead of egg searching at my place, i usually make breakfast for my family and friends. But now that my sister is away, my mother aunts away to see my sister, its just going to be my dad and myself. So i say, wynaut invite a few friends, make some awesome french toast, pancakes, scrambled eggs and have a breakfast feast!!

Hopefully i get to fill everyone's stomachs and have enough food to go around.

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  1. Sorgatani's Avatar
    Well... you should consider yourself lucky you don't have to dance in heels and a dress... unless there's something you're not telling us Jimmy
  2. Kurt's Avatar
    ROFL, Tani... xD


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