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Battling moods part 2

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I once made a thread about battling moods. where is it now? long gone into PFs dark room of missing threads i believe. Anywho, lately the boulder gym has been inactive for about...3 weeks already? One of my favorite challengers Amos has gone MIA to publish his book and the gym has been extremely quiet. Probably because I think everyone (that would challenge the gyms here) is playing and beating through platinum. I know i am as well. :cool:

but for wifi battles, im just not up to spar anymore. I think i've lost my edge or something. Im just not in the mood to battle. Besides, been playing GTA: Chinatown wars and Yoshi's Island DS to beat and drop from my R4. Maybe once platinum becomes available for the gyms here, i guess i can expect more challengers. Maybe I can go polish up my badges and make then shiny :D I dunno, just speculating =T

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  1. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    Yeah, the whole: "I have Pt but I can't use it!!!! Now my Scizor is incomplete!!!" Is really a key point in gym inactivity.
  2. Slizer107's Avatar
    What ive been getting a lot is 'Sorry playing platinum'


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