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The Tale of Bonz dated era AC:2009

Wow i got a Blog!

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WOW i had no idea i had this until Paiopa posted his so i will post my concerns and thought while i have this and all.:)

WELL For one thing going in my life i just finished my mid terms and all.

In english i got an 89 So close to an A >_<

In Science i got a 103.8 yea extra credit owns all:cool:

In shop which i go to a VoTech school for i major in HVAC/R and if you do not know what that means it stands for:

Air Conditioning
And Refrigeration.

Well i just did that today so i will check when i go back to school tomorrow also next week is spirit week woo i hope freshman class win well Bye All!:p

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  1. cowmoo83's Avatar
    cool, you have a blog now xP
  2. Pikadude609's Avatar
    How did u get the blog. I want one
  3. becnoir's Avatar
    It is always fun to have more blogers!
  4. Kurt's Avatar
    Cool to see a new Blogger!
    @Pikadude: He won it, along with revelp8, Paiopa, and Gouswer, for being at the top of a Competition ladder at the end of the month.
  5. revelp8's Avatar
    uhh, correction there kurty. Mine was a gift from taterbud, she signed into my account and bought for me.

    on the other note, congrats to blogging rights Bonz. looking forward to reading more of your blogs
  6. Kurt's Avatar
    Oh, yeah; I knew that! ^^; It all happened during vacation for me, so I got confuzzled. Sorry!