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Weekend Update

Tropic Thunder

Rating: 2 votes, 5.00 average.
As requested, here’s the main feature.

Spoiler Alert: Minimum.

Parental Advisory: Oh yeah, and plenty.
-Heavy drug use.
-Extreme language.
-And some parts that can be classified as “funny gore” a la Shawn of the Dead.
-I.D. is required.

Synopsis: A bunch of Hollywood actors blow the budget on a new Vietnam movie based on the book “Tropic Thunder”, so the director decides to take them to the middle of the jungle and film a more ’crude’ version of it. Of course everything goes wrong extremely quick, and the main actor doesn‘t seem to realize it.

I have to tell you, the night of the movie, I giggled myself to sleep. I laughed so hard, from the cheesy trailers to the cheesy ending, my stomach still hurts (I’m so getting the DVD). But it wouldn’t have been that funny if it wasn’t for the cast. Watching Robert Downy Jr. and Tom Cruise so out of their regular comfort zones, so out of water, was hilarious. It’s way over the top, but you can’t expect nothing else.

I rate it a 4 out of 5. Sorry 0-17 year-old kids, this movie is not for you. In fact, Tropic Thunder is one of those movies/TV shows nobody should watch, just like South Park :lol:. This is not a first-date movie, it’s a bunch-of-friends‘-night-out movie. You’ve been warned.

-Over the top action and comedy.

-Unnecessary cursing (for my taste).

[COLOR="Blue"]Another week it's about to start and I’m not sure which movie I should go watch next. I do have a list of the ones that caught my eye:
-Burn After Reading
-Bangkok Dangerous
-Eagle Eye (not for the LaBeauf, just for the hype)
-Babylon A.D.
-The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
Not that many movies for the kiddies, so do you have any suggestions?[/COLOR]

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Updated 09-21-2008 at 11:38 PM by KitsuneGin



  1. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    I have heard that there are some fake trailers that are shown before the movie. Did you see them?
  2. Taterbud's Avatar
    Awesome review Kit, sounds good to me, hee hee, but I'm weird like that, heh. Oooh, so you should do Igor when it comes out!! Hee hee, I've seen the Mummy movie, if you wanted to do that one, it's good, but there's not a lot to it and with the different actress, it lacks the chemistry the couple had.
  3. KitsuneGin's Avatar
    @Steve: There's like 3-4 fake trailers. Making fun of a few films and trilogies. So if you're going, make sure to get there on time .
    @Kate: Oh it's good, no doub about it. Sucks to hear that about the Mummy, I really liked the other two.
  4. Taterbud's Avatar
    Yeah, I loved the other two, but this actress, she's quite.. *blah*, while the original was like *rawr*, heh heh, it's an interesting story and there are some great fight scenes, I guess I just don't like it when they change the actors like that, I know it's because she was busy doing another movie, but ugh... didn't like it as much as I liked the first two, they were great.
  5. Deneves's Avatar
    Sounds like my kind of movie, too bad the rest of the family can come to see it. I like Robert Downey Jr.'s acting so I'm glad to see him get a role like this.
  6. Cherkat's Avatar
    Wonderful review I can't wait to see the movie but will have to wait for the DVD and a quiet night when my son has gone to sleep early. I love Robert Downey Jr. and Jack Black, two of my favorite actors
  7. KitsuneGin's Avatar
    Thanks again guys. Makes me look forward to my next movie (If like watching movies was so bad). So far I got one vote for Igor, any other requests?
    Updated 09-21-2008 at 11:36 PM by KitsuneGin
  8. Momtaro's Avatar
    Ever since the Oprah incident, I haven't been able to think of Cruise the same, but this sounds like a movie I definitely want to watch!
    That movie "Blindness" has caught my eye..... lol
  9. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    This movie is very adulty, but funny all the same..the first 10 minutes are a blood soaked gore-bath, and yes Tom Cruise is awsome...
  10. Sorgatani's Avatar
    I saw this tonight and yeah have to agree - I was ROFLing most of the way through it - just so over-the-top cheesy!

    I'm pretty sure this will become a favorite "mindless violence" film for my brothers and I.
  11. Deneves's Avatar
    I got to see it yesterday. A typically funny Ben Stiller movie on a par with Dodge Ball and Zoolander. A lot of inside jokes on actors, writers, directors, producers and the movie business in general. Very well acted, probably better to wait for the DVD to get all the deleted scenes and commentary.
  12. kelog's Avatar
    i'd like to see how The Mummy, Igor and Eagle Eye are.
  13. kelog's Avatar
    I also want to see Disaster Movie with my friends when i'm 13. i watched "Epic Movie" and i was ROFL the whole time.
  14. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    To be honest, I didn't like this movie at all. It was one of those movies where it's sort of an Action Comdey...But....Both were lacking in my opinion.


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