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Ice's Barren Wasteland~


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I'm just now heading to Eterna City. XD

So far I have a Grotle, Luxio, Machop & Ponyta. All between Lv:17-19.

This is probaly the first pokemon game I have gone through without the help of a guide. I think i'm going through okay. Who knows.

I'm going to try and get pretty far throughout the weekend and hopefully I finish before next Friday.

Wish me luck!



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Updated 06-21-2009 at 01:49 AM by ice_tomb9



  1. Cherkat's Avatar
    I am stuck in Hearthome right now, I can't beat the gym I am training a few pokes in the patch of grass right beside the BerryMaster's house.
  2. Pikadude609's Avatar
    A stapaptor is good since ghost attacks can`t hit it and use flying attacks. Also a luxio or whatever is good as crunch is super effective.
  3. ice_tomb9's Avatar
    I'm just now finishing up in Eterna. I've read that Hearthome is the 3rd gym or am I wrong?
  4. cowmoo83's Avatar
    I think it's the 5th one because fantina isn't there the first time you go there... I could be wrong though... it may have changed in plat.
  5. Cherkat's Avatar
    It has changed Brady. You can now battle the third gym, Hearthome, once you enter the town. You need to go the the contest hall first I think and say hi to her and she then goes to the gym.
  6. Pikadude609's Avatar
    Isent that wierd though as on the video when u go to your trainer case the badge order is the same as d/p. So if u get badge 3 in hearthome won`t it show up as badge 5 in the case.
  7. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    The badge arangement is the same, so yeat there is a point where #4 is missing but you have #5 which is really #4 ....>.> s'confusing.


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