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Resident Evil 5

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Rating: “M” For Mature. Yep, keep your kiddies away from this one. Extremely gory and language.
Platform: PS3 and Xbox 360. Reviewed on 360.
Spoilers: No story spoilers, but some gameplay tips.

An elite UN Antiterrorist Unit that fights the illicit trade of biological weapons (and more specifically, bio-organic weapons) are deployed to a desolate area in West Africa tasked with stopping a deal that is about to happen. Special Agent Chris Redfield and his new partner, Sheva Alomar, are assigned to the investigation. But of course like always, everything is about to go horribly, horribly wrong.
Bio-organic weapons (or B.O.W.s as they are called in-game) are specimens mutated using a mixture of several flesh eating viruses and mind-controlling parasites. If you ever played any of the Resident Evil games or watched the movies, you already understand the concept. Resident Evil 5 continues the story line.

The mayor addition to the game is the ability to play co-op. Either with split-screen, over WIFI, or system link, you’ll be able to play “who kills the most zombies” with a buddy. *Is always good to share your gaming addiction with somebody else*
You can also play it alone with the AI. The AI will act as your shadow and stick with you most of the time, except in parts where you need to get divided to accomplish objectives.
The co-op is done really well, you can trade or give items to you partner, like ammo and medicine. You can’t trade weapons between each other, so choose wisely who gets what. When you’re close to your partner and use a healing item, you will heal both your partner and yourself. And not to mention your partner can save you when you’re getting chocked by a zombie.
Every time you finish a level or die, you’ll be able to buy weapons, and upgrade the one you have using gold and treasure you find around.
Weapons come in 6 types: handguns, magnums, shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns, and grenade launcher. Any ammo of the same type will work for the same kind of weapon and there‘s two or three weapons of every kind except grenade launcher. You also get flash bangs, incendiary grenades, and regular fragmentation grenades. 1/6 of the game will have you scavenge around for ammo and goodies like gold to upgrade you guns and buy inventory.
But when the ammo runs out the knives come out. Your knife is really simple to use, it helps break boxes, finish enemies and deflect arrows/bottles/axes. Get used to it, and use it plenty. The drawback is that it has a limited reach and you need to be really close to your opponent.

Once you finish the story mode, you’ll unlock the Mercenaries game mode, it’s a 1-2 player game type where you have a time limit to kill as many zombies as possible. You earn more time bonuses by getting combos. A little extra that will keep you busy once you’re done with the main story, which will take a while by the way.

Score: 5 out of 5. Fun story, goes waaaay over the top by the end. Excellent graphics, outstanding gameplay, tons of easter eggs. If you are into the genre, you’ll end up buying this game.

Side note: Yeah, I know they’re not "zombies", I just like calling them zombies, m’kay?
Side note 1: Funniest death, chomped by a crocodile. Stay the heck away from those. :oops:

-Not being able to exchange weapons with your partner.

-Everything else.

Tips: (highlight to read)
[COLOR="White"]1-When playing co-op, stay together or don’t be too far apart. The difference between life or death is usually 3ft.
2-Upgrade your handgun as much as possible. The most common ammo laying around are handgun rounds.
3-Buy an Electric Baton as soon as you can, better reach than your knife and triple the damage, really good for close quarters and most enemies. Plus it never runs out of ammo.
4-Keep 2, 3 weapons max, more than that and you will not have space for items.
5-Have different weapon types than your partner, that way you won’t be fighting each other for ammo. Our layout: Chris, electric baton, handgun, and sniper rifle. Sheva: electric baton, shotgun and machine gun. One medium range and one long range weapon each.
6- If you find yourself surrounded: Run! One thing I like is that you can escape most enemies by running in between them.
7-If you can’t reach it, shoot it.
8-Go for headshots, if headshot not possible, go for kneecaps. If you can’t get a shot, refer to #6. If your foe has no head or kneecaps, refer to #10.
9-The talk button is your friend, use it. Same goes for the “find partner” button.
10- Do you see that green/orange/yellow/red growth coming out of its back/forehead/arm/leg/chest/extra limb? Yeah, that’s its weak point. (Applies to 99% of enemies)[/COLOR]

Thanks for reading. :)

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  1. revelp8's Avatar
    awesome review. too bad I don't have a PStriple to play it on :sad:
  2. KitsuneGin's Avatar
    Get a 360. *hint* *hint*


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