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Lean To Antics

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Today I was helping at a Sixer and Seconders day for my dads cub group. Me and my m8 T (not giving out real names) made a lean to, which we were going to eat under. I went to walk around it and I tripped on a rope, I put my hand out to stop myself falling but grabbing into a tree, Turns out the tree was rotten O.O It collapsed on me, Nettles went up my shirt sleeves, on my ankles and up my back :lol: At first it was not funny at all but now its so funny. But there was this boy who lifted the tree off me! Later on we were cooking over open fire my brother tried to take the wood, I went over and just said 'I think you will find I got that wood i went to a lot of trouble to get that!

I just felt the need to blog about it lol.

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  1. cowmoo83's Avatar
    lol....that's errr...random... xP
  2. XD001's Avatar

    No, but seriously nettles hurt. When we make fires (each patrol has it's own) we start off with dry leaves and grass and gradually build it up.
  3. Slizer107's Avatar
    Cowmoo we blog about everything


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