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Ah, the joys of high school scheduling...

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This school year, our district switched from two 18-week semesters to a trimester schedule of 3 12-week blocks. In theory, it's supposed to give us more credits and more opportunities for electives. However, it hasn't gone as smoothly as one could hope... :/

With trimesters, most core classes are two-tri courses. That means that you have to take the class in two different trimesters. With the way scheduling works, though, it makes it possible to take a class 1st and 2nd tri, 2nd and 3rd tri, or 1st and 3rd tri. Some classes like Band and AP courses are three-trimesters classes, and most electives take up just one trimester.

So, this was my 1st- and 2nd-trimester schedule:
First Trimester
AP Prep English 11 (A)
French III-IV (C)
Symphony Band (A)
Physics 3-4 (A)
Forensics 3-4 (A)

Second Trimester
Pre-Calculus (A)
French III-IV (D)
Symphony Band (B)
Physics 3-4 (B)
Economics 3-4

*3-4 denotes an "upper-level" class, as opposed to a 1-2 class.
**The A, B, C, and D things aren't my grades; they denote what part of the course it is. Example: There are two parts to Physics: Phys. A and B.

Another thing to note is that Michigan requires high school students to take a course in Gym, a course in Health, and a Computers class, among other things. I've had none of these yet. At the beginning of the second trimester, I received this schedule for 3rd tri:

AP Prep English 11 (B)
Pre-Calculus (B)
Symphony Band (C)
American Gov't 3-4

Yes..."SEE YOUR COUNSELOR" in big black letters. (Well, it was really "SEE YOUR COUNS" because it got cut off by the column size, but...) I don't have any of the Gym/Health/Computers credits yet.

So, today in first hour, I got called down to the counselor's office to sort it out. However, she also called down several other students. So I waited in the grade office for a good twenty minutes before it was my turn. I sat down, and *right* after that, the secretary walked in and said, "Kurt, [the name of my Fr. teacher] wants you in class to present your project (the video we'd been working on that you may or may not know about)." So, I left. >.<

I came back during band class, waited another 25 minutes, and finally got in. She told me that I had a hole in my schedule in fourth hour, which I'd already known. However, from seeing one of my friends' schedules, I knew that the math teacher that I currently have that I like had part B of Pre-Calc. fourth hour. I mentioned that to my counselor and asked if I could change that.
I cheered in my head at her reply, ha ha. This left an open second hour instead of fourth hour. She showed me a list of all available classes in second hour and we saw Basic PE. It's not something I want to take, but I have to, so I signed up for it, she printed it out, and I was on my merry way.

But seriously, I miss the days when it was so much easier... They have this problem every trimester... I mean, I know it's hard for them to schedule 1700 high-school students to their desires, but it still bugs me. Not to mention the fact that they don't give us any assistance whatsoever with college stuff, but that's another story.

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  1. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    I'm on semester but still, hectic as always. Took me 4 days to get a counseler appointement, because of the backlog...
  2. joinred1127's Avatar
    That's horrible. Our school is a private school, so we don't have to follow the state courses. The school requires us to take a gym class, but we don't have to if we do a sport. Also, my entire school only has 1,000 people in it, while only 400 of those are in high school.
  3. revelp8's Avatar
    in a way, this scheduling does help with planning out with college courses. every time, its hectic trying to get the right classes. don't sweat it too much kurt, once you get the hang of it, you'll be handling it like a pro
  4. Momtaro's Avatar
    Back in MY day, we didn't get to take cool classes like Forensics. I am assuming is just like the show CSI.
    All we got to do is dissect a worm, and no one even cared how the worm died, much less do any blood analysis or fingerprinting. You are so lucky!!!
  5. Kurt's Avatar
    Eh; it's not really my thing. I didn't want it... But I least I didn't get the gory second trimester of it.

    Dissection... *shakes fist* My Bio teacher "didn't like dissections, because we get all excited about cutting things open and then no one wants to touch it or clean it up." I think the only thing we actually dissected was an owl pellet...although I do recall my group mates accidentally dissecting some other things. *giggle* <_< ... >_>
  6. Momtaro's Avatar
    Back in MY day, we didn't call them "pellets"....ROLF
  7. Kurt's Avatar
    *ROLFs too*
  8. S Tailor's Avatar
    I go to Grammer School, which is Older than the Colonization of America really started, and certainly way before Washington.

    It is pretty much 3 years ahead of the curriculum, which is why I went. I refused, as did my parents, to go to another school, due to the fact I would be bullied (In america is not so bad) You have to pass exams to get in, so barely anyone was horrible to anyone.

    UK school system is a bit boring. Its 3 terms. 1 14 week one, 1 10 week one and 1 12 week one. I have never particularly liked it, but aleast we got fairly long holidays
  9. Bonz109's Avatar
    Forensics man what are you a CSI or a Chemist or Physicist cmon make up your science career!
  10. Kurt's Avatar
    They made us put down, like, 6 alternate classes on our schedule. That ended up being the one I got. ._.

    And my science career? Nonexistent. I'm more for math. LOL
  11. Bonz109's Avatar
    Science requires a lot of math you know and its a lot of money.
  12. Magma Krystal's Avatar
    Ah, the joys of scheduling! In my freshman year, those people signed me up for Orchestra (which was supposed to be Band) and Advanced Fitness (that appeared instead of Advanced Music Theory) hahaha. Those people mix things up so easily.
  13. cowmoo83's Avatar
    ugh... I would hate those trimesters... you'd have to review math and stuff you forgot before the next trimester if they were separated. Oh yeah! Not taking the easy michigan required classes till senior year FTW! (me too)
  14. joshw2011's Avatar
    why do you have a different picture in blog from your profile


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