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Valentines Day Momtaro Style

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A happy relationship between two people happens when two people fall in like, and then love. The relationship grows if the two people have common interests, hobbies, dreams and goals. You are maintain your individuality, but the other person makes you feel complete. The other person forgives you your faults, while bringing out the best in you. You experience turmoil together and instead of it breaking you apart, it only makes the bond stronger. You drive each other crazy sometimes but you also know you cannot live without each other and that makes you both laugh. Laughter and trust is the cement of a relationship. I don't see how people say theirs is working, without both.

Romance in a relationship is what society dictates to us and is taught to us at an early age through movies and storybooks. The boy kills the dragon for the girl trapped in the tower. They ride off into the sunset with a white horse bedecked with red roses and brilliant diamonds. She is a princess and he is a knight, what more do they need for a happily ever after?

Valentines Day is not "romance". Valentines Day is not something that is only for couples. It is a weird little holiday that promotes greeting cards and trinkets. It can be lots of fun, if you both decide you want to partake of V-day festivities. If it makes you happy to eat fancy chocolates in heart shape boxes while smelling red roses and looking at your newest diamond, then more power to you! If You always celebrate Valentines Day by watching old movies and dancing the Lindy then that's awesome too. If you think that the day is another consumer-driven holiday force fed to you and yours by million-dollar corporations, and have decided to not celebrate it at all, that's fine too. Perhaps you would rather spend more time with your dog, grandparents or spend the V-day alone listening to music and reading a good book. One that the princess does not get rescued in or that the handsome knight rides off to the sunset to start a company that fill start the research to find the cure for cancer and end world hunger. Very cool.

Happy Valentines day to all the beautiful princesses and handsome knights of Pokefarm. May your day be as traditional as you want to make it. Me, I will be doing the Lindy. My husband will try and do the Lindy too, but my poor darlin' has two left feet and will fail miserably....and we both will laugh and laugh!

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  1. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    Wahaha, I am a handsome Knight XD

    Happy Early Valentines from the CST!
  2. Cherkat's Avatar
    Thank you Momtaro for some nice insight into holidays for profit Love and appreciation for family and friends should be expressed daily, not stored up and "presented" one day a year. However, I'm not one to be all party pooper so

    Happy Valentines Day
  3. Kay's Avatar
    Great post! <3
  4. nana nettie's Avatar
    Another wise blog from Momtaro!
    Thank you

    Happy Valentines Day!
    Where would you like me to send your chocolates?
  5. XD001's Avatar
    Yucky! Love...yuck.


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