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Worse than a Nightmare....

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It's Sonic...

It's almost like before but worse.

I'm so scared and worried... It isn't like before.

I don't know. I blame myself. I just hope that I can get him to the vet before things get any worse...

We're keeping him warm and doing our best to keep an eye on him without waking him up. I try so hard... Things were looking so good for us, with the house and everything else. He did so well for such a long time and now I feel like I've failed him.

Last time he had a sore on his tummy/arm area. It was big for his size, but it didn't hurt him. It's in the same place but this time it looks worse and I can tell that it hurts him. Last night there was nothing. Everything looked and felt normal... I mean, the hair hadn't grown back yet but I thought that would take a few weeks. I just... I don't know. I feel like I should have known sooner or done something differently. Maybe if I was a better owner it never would have happened in the first place...

:bloom: LCS

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  1. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    Don't be silly! You're an amazing owner! We can't always be perfect. You really care about your hoglet! this shows you're a great owner! never feel like you've failed, there's no such thing as failure! You're the best LS! and best wishes to Sonic! He's unstoppable!
  2. LovelyStrife's Avatar
    Not according to some people.

    One can only hope on Sonic... There are just so many things going through my mind right now. What it might be. What I could have done differently. How I'm going to get things worked out at my job and moving... >_< The worst part is the fact that I can't do anything for him right now. I just wish I didn't have to wait until the morning to work things out.

    Thanks Gunshin, you're a great friend.
  3. ice_tomb9's Avatar
    You really are a great owner! Sonic is lucky, he should be fine. You just have to wait until you can do something about it.

    What we usually do if something is wrong with one of our animals is wait maybe a day (or shorter if something happens) and see how it is the next day.

    It dosen't make you a bad owner if you don't do something right away. It could be nothing or something. If you wait and its nothing, then there is no problem, but if it turns out to be something, you just have to breathe and see what ou can do for them.
  4. LovelyStrife's Avatar
    It's easier to do that with a cat or a dog, but with a hedgehog even something small can become a big problem so quickly. An ingrown quill or similar I could handle and have no qualms about waiting until a weekend vet apointment, but this is so much worse... Even by the standards of the last time I took him to the vet this is worse. >_<
  5. Magma Krystal's Avatar
    I'm sure you're a great owner of Sonic. The fact that u worry so much about him proves that you love him, and have been doing the most you can to help him.
  6. XD001's Avatar
    Life throws junk at all of us. So don't blame yourself. Only I'm allowed to blame myself. OK? Sonic's a tough lil' hog. All he needs is you.
  7. Pikadude609's Avatar
    Hope sonic is getting well now.


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