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Rants and Raves 8-17-08

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After reading all about blogging and reading a few blogs from a LOT of sites, I have decided to make my own BLOG. Mine will be a little different from blogs I have been reading though. I will not bore you with the mundane intimacies and details of my daily life, but instead I have decided to Rant and Rave. While I will try and update regularly, I do have a RL! The rules I have set for myself here are this.
1. Comments must be fairly current
2. For every Rant, there must be a Rave
3. No politics, religion or diaries


So let's start, shall we?

Rant: To the person who tailgated my husband and I when we went on a bike ride saturday with their car, then passed us WAY too close for comfort. Please read your traffic laws book again. What you did was not only dangerous but against the law.

Rave: To whoever planted wildflowers on the side of the freeway. Seeing the drifts of poppies, cosmos and sweet peas as I drive by just brightens my day!

Rant: Reading blog after blog yesterday (research can be tedious!) and finding out that some people really like to give far too many details of their everyday life. I mean, really... people, who wants to read about what clothes you decided to wear this day and how cool you look in them? Do you realize it is not only pointless from the readers standpoint, but it also makes one the author suffering from logherria? Visions of grandeur?

Rave: People trading pokemon on Pokefarm with the poke holding a gift. One of the best gifts I have received was simply a piece of mail that had a warm note inside. A simple and random kindness that made me feel fuzzy inside. Thank you!

Rant: Radio commercials. I know they have to make their money somehow, but now that I have CDs and my Ipod, they seem even more intrusive! The worst is the fast talkers at the end of an ad. Really, I know you only have so many seconds to talk, but does anyone really listen to whatever the APR is at signing and blahblah blah? Makes my hair stand on end!

Rave: Hersheys little foil wrapped candies called "BLISS." Need I say more?

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  1. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    Rant: People who write blog entries and don't give them a category.

    Rave: People taking the time to use the blogging feature!
  2. nana nettie's Avatar
    I love your blog Momtaro Don't mind Steve, he's just ranting
  3. Cherkat's Avatar
    Yay. Can I rant and rave?
    Rant - the pinhead that did not hold the elevator door open for me this morning
    Rave - Gotta love Pokefarm and all of the wonderful members. Can we get a group
  4. Kay's Avatar
    Yay, Momtaro's blogging now! And I like your format

    By the way, today I'm wearing green raggedy pants and a white tee-shirt and I'm covered in clay and I look SO STUNNING OMG
  5. revelp8's Avatar
    I loled at kay's comment.

    omg! i hate it too when people drive too close for comfort! grr, we get a lot of those people here in L.A. and a lot of them happen to be in pick-up trucks >.> thats why you give them the finger [IMG][/IMG]
  6. Momtaro's Avatar
    Steve has a point there!
    Rant: Old moldy brained people who have never blogged before should have stronger coffee in the morning before they start a new project that involves any sort of technology.

    Rave: Technology! This is so much better than when I was young and we had to rant and rave through two soup cans and a string!
  7. FatherGoblin's Avatar
    Woohoo! Momtaro...I like the turn...

    Rant: there just isn't enough caffaine in Mountain Dew!

    Rave: mma fights on Spike TV tonight
  8. LovelyStrife's Avatar
    Coolies. ^_^ I like this, it's fun and differnet.

    Rant - The printer in my office is posessed by evil spirits.

    Rave - People are being nice and sending me get-well messages.

    Rave - Spike TV is broadcasting some fight thing from Omaha tonight.
  9. Misa Misa's Avatar
    Rant: I don't have a blog
    Rave: Who cares, i get to read Momtaro's blg!!
  10. toys4life's Avatar
    Rant: Momtaro making the rest of us that haven't started blogging look bad!

    Rave: Momtaro making a blog that's fun to read! (I didn't know it was possible) J/K
  11. Deneves's Avatar
    Rant: People with so much summer vacation that they don't realize that we are now in the 9th month of the year.

    Rave: Reading a concise blog, well written that doesn't put me to sleep
  12. KitsuneGin's Avatar
    Rave: Awesome blog.

    No rants today, today is just an awesome day.
  13. joinred1127's Avatar
    Rave: Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Frapachino! I don't know if it's the coffee, or the spice, or the pumpkin, but I love it!
  14. Taterbud's Avatar
    ... Omg... I love your blog... ha ha, lovez it! Hope to see more Carol.


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