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Where you at?

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[CENTER]Viscosity loves finding fun images to make into icons or other art. Recently she found a funny screenshot of Team Rocket in officer uniforms:


This is from an episode of Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl. [B]What episode was it?[/B] Comment here to answer!

Answers will be moderated and the person who can give me the correct answer first wins a fabulous prize!


== [I]UPDATE![/I] ==

Congrats to PokemonLover for getting the correct answer first! In the 59th episode of Diamond & Pearl (Luxray Vision), Team Rocket disguised themselves as officers to try to gain access to the treasure inside a mansion. Too bad for Wobbuffet, he had to stay inside that stuffy ol' uniform while Meowth sat on his head. :lol:

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Updated 01-10-2009 at 10:42 PM by Viscosity



  1. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    Do we post the answer? Or do we PM it to you? o_O
  2. Viscosity's Avatar
    Comment here pls. : )
  3. becnoir's Avatar
    Is it "Luxray Vision"?
  4. Kay's Avatar
    Luxray Vision!
    Ep 527.


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