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Momtaros Rants and Raves January 9, 2009

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January seems to me to be the perfect month to rant about. It's cold, Christmas is over and there's not a real family get-together kind of holiday until Easter! The days are short and dark.
I suppose that if I did not have the luxury of being where I get to experience all the four seasons, I would not appreciate Spring as much as I do!


Rant~After an unusually long and hard snowstorm starting December 16 and lasting until just a few days ago, Mother Nature decided to warm things up real fast, melting all the snow at once and pelting the area with torrential rains. Many people have lost their homes, people are getting together sandbagging and clearing major storm drains but it is still pretty bad. I-5 was closed from Seattle to Portland, so no going south. The passes were all closed in the mountains due to the many avalanches so no going east. If you go west, you will drive into Puget Sound or the Pacific Ocean. The only place to go would be north and that's Canada. The place we stay when we go there is closed because their pipes have all burst! So all I can say is Mother Nature=unusual bad weather=trapped and unable to help the less fortunate who are suffering=crabby!

Rave~ Because of all the rain I am hoping that the moles in my yard have gone to higher ground and stay there. The rains have also flooded a small endangered salmon stream that's just a few houses away from us, and a HUGE rave to the people who have stopped their cars and walked over to a flopping salmon, picked it up and brought it back to it's stream. Yay for you salmon rescuers! Yay for the moles new home!

Rant~ To my neighbor who has stopped his garbage pick-up service and is now burning his garbage in a metal drum. The paper and cardboard can be recycled. The plastic is putting very bad chemicals into our air. It is illegal.

Rave~ To the 5 neighbors tho took the time and expense to use their home tractors during the snow so that we were finally able to get our Christmas mail! Plowing all that road, everyone pitching in, was a true act of kindness!

Rant~ Credit card companies offering credit to those who can't afford it. In particular, one card, addressed to my son, had this advertised on the front. "Didn't get what you wanted for Christmas? You have been approved!" My kids have been getting credit card offerings ever since they were in high school, and I always shred them. This should be illegal the way they prey on our youth!

Rave~ To HMTK Steve, who took time away from his own friends and family during the holidays to tend to server issues here at Pokefarm. Thank you. Without you, there would not be this glorious site, where I can rant, and rave, and just have this little retreat to be with my Pokemon family here. Oh, and thanks for buying us a server too. I owe ya one.

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  1. nana nettie's Avatar
    Always look forward to your Rants & Raves. Your last rave for Steve is a big 100% Amen!
    We all owe Steve!
  2. Kay's Avatar
    Love your blog as always!
    And you should TOTALLY report mister trash-burner. >_<
  3. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    Speaking of me and servers... The new one just arrived and I already have BSD installed on it. Over the rest of the weekend I'l complete the configuration process.
  4. joinred1127's Avatar
    Oooh, what's it look like?
  5. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    It looks like a black box with computer stuff inside
  6. joinred1127's Avatar
    Hmm, that's a little melodramatic. I thought it would be more exciting.
  7. S Tailor's Avatar
    If you understand what each thing does its amazing. For example, the average CPU warms up to 29 degrees in 1/1000 of a second!

    Nobody can say thats not interesting :P
  8. Sorgatani's Avatar
    I missed your rants and raves Momtaro
    Stupid neighbours
  9. Cherkat's Avatar
    I agree - Yay for the Salmon rescuers Awesome when people go out of their way to help nature


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