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Merry Christmas Humming-Blog part 2

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Well, great news! After a lot of research and talking to my friend who runs the local wild bird hospital/shelter, I have come up with an ingenious warming station for Dodo-head. What I do not understand is since the temps here have dipped below 10 degrees farenheit,(really unusual for us) how can such a tiny bird survive through the night? According to my research, Annas hummingbirds are resident throughout the year here in the Pacific Northwest, and do manage to find themselves insects to survive the winter. What this little girl needed was water.

This is the picture I took of Dodo-head flying to the feeder. Note the shoplight on the left. The lightbulb is just warm enough to warm the 4/1 water/sugar solution to keep it from freezing. She seems to like to perch on the wire, I think it keeps her toes toasty warm.

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  1. nana nettie's Avatar
    Clever Momtaro Enjoy your little Dodo-head
  2. junee's Avatar
    momtaro! how are you?


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