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Merry Christmas Little Hummingbird!

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I never have hummingbirds in the winter. My in-laws keep a feeder going all winter long and say that they have a whole flock of them year 'round. I usually take my feeders in and store them until the first of March. When the first hummer arrives, it is a sign that spring has arrived!

This year I left out one feeder because I keep seeing one lone hummingbird sitting on it everyday. Is it lost? Is it too old to migrate?I have named it "Dodo-head."

We are having an unusually cold winter, and the temps are down to single digits today. The sugar-water solution in the feeder was frozen solid this morning! Dodo-head was flying around it, and looking in our windows. I ran (slid, it was slippery icy) outside, grabbed the feeder, ran it under hot water, made up some more solution and as I opened the door to go outside- Dodo-head flew at me, chirping away. It took drinks out of the feeder, while I still was holding it in my hand! I yelled at my husband to come look! Dodo-head sat on the feeder chirping and looking at me and my husband, then flew off to the apple tree, still watching as I hung the feeder on it's hook near my kitchen window. She has been sipping and sitting on it all morning!

This was SO cool, so I had to share it with you all. I googled winter hummingbirds and found this. Needless to say, we will be devising some sort of hummingbird warming feeding station here at the Momtaro household today!

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  1. Krispy's Avatar
    Wow, that is so nifty! I love hummingbirds, but we do not have a feeder or anything. What a fabulous experience.

    I saw a picture somewhere where a lady had three or four hummingbirds eating from her hands. That must be one of the coolest things to witness. Thanks for sharing!
  2. joinred1127's Avatar
    I love hummingbirds. I wouldn't put the feeder out next year though, and I'd try to get your in-laws to take theirs in next year as well.

    By keeping a constant source of food, you are harming the bird. They cannot tolerate the cold temperatures, but they do not wish to give up the food source and migrate. They prefer to nest in deciduous trees, which are not available in the winter in the north. Once a severely hard frost comes, they will have no shelter and die. You wouldn't want that, would you?
  3. Kurt's Avatar
    Dodo-head? What a delightful name.
  4. nana nettie's Avatar
    Leave it to you to give a name like that! You are too much
  5. Cherkat's Avatar
    Carol - Big Hugs to you for helping a wayward Hummingbird. I love Dodo-head. You go little birdy


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