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Poor Viscosity is stuck waiting to depart from an airport so she can visit her family for the holidays. Her original flight was delayed to 9:40pm, but got bumped up to a flight that was only delayed to 9:25pm. Hopefully she'll be on her way home pretty soon.

Right now she's listening to music on her iPod. What do [I]you[/I] do when you have time to kill? o3o

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  1. LovelyStrife's Avatar
    I got lucky the last time I flew. None of my flights were late. I hope that you get ot your destination and have fun!

    When I have time to kill, I either play my DS or listen to music on my iPod. Occasionally I'll just start talking to random people or do something crazy like break out into song in a public place broadway style.
  2. Kurt's Avatar
    When Kurt has time to kill, he stabs it with a knife gets on PokeFarm. ...Or he makes super-fancy Big Brother 2 logos on teh GIMP, since teh Inkscape crashes, like, every time I click something. >___<
  3. Sorgatani's Avatar
    Hehe.. LCS has Broadwayitis like Tani does.

    To kill time I.. listen to music (I wubs my mp3 player) or read a book, or talk to random people
  4. nana nettie's Avatar
    I just hope you get home to your family soon & safe
  5. Kurt's Avatar
    So, is Viscosity home now?


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