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My Final Blog Entry =)

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It's been great, PokeFarm. But I think it's time for me to take my leave. I'll miss you all. =) I'm on AIM if you need to reach me.

~ ~ Nak

P.S. You're a total loser if you even bother complaining about the Rule #12 violation. XD

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  1. toys4life's Avatar
  2. LovelyStrife's Avatar
    ;_; I'll miss you and your moments.
  3. Slizer107's Avatar
    Bu Bu Bu why are you leaving! ;_;
  4. Cherkat's Avatar
    Cathy - If there is anything that I can say or do to keep you here just name it
  5. joinred1127's Avatar
    You are not leaving. I will not let you. You just need time to get over this bump.
  6. Kurt's Avatar
    *waves goodbye, at least for now...*
  7. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    BUT Rule #12 strictly says- you can't leave without hugs! ;___;
  8. nickgamer10's Avatar
    I will miss you!
  9. S Tailor's Avatar
    Err... I need to point something out. Who takes over the Pokefarm awards..?

    Oh well, I guess its goodbye for another time this year >_>
  10. Taylor Rose's Avatar
    Aww good bye Nak
  11. WestCoastNinja's Avatar
    Good riddance I say! =3
  12. pokemasterSD's Avatar
    Omg bye!!!
  13. Misa Misa's Avatar
    Take care, we'll miss you!!
  14. cowmoo83's Avatar
    Well, If I never see you again, thanks for the AC info and know that we'll always accept you back here whenever! Bye...
  15. Viperizer's Avatar


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