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"This is what happened today"

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Matt: my throat hurts
Wien (Matt’s dad): well maybe it's from all the gum your chewing.
Matt: I don't chew gum at school.
Wien: are you chewing gum now?
Matt: yes...
Wien: but you said you weren't chewing gum
Matt: we're not at school. I don't chew gum at school.
Me: you were chewing gum at orchestra yesterday
Matt: well...
Wien: you said you didn't chew gum at school.
Wien: unless you weren't in school which would be of more concern.
Matt: yes...
Narrator: then something was said that I didn't catch
Wien: you were driving?
"quotes”=us pretending to be some person
Matt: "I wasn't driving your car so it's ok..."
Wien: whose car were you driving?
Matt: "I stole someone’s car... I had to escape the police somehow..."
Wien: isn't that illegal?
Matt: "yes, but there is no evidence that I drove it because I crashed the car... btw we have a 150,000$ fine"
Me: "but technically we don't have to pay it"
Matt: "yeah, I KOed the cop so I never got the fine"
Me: "did I mention that we crashed the car in an airport an took out the landing gear on the plane?"
Matt: "it's a good thing that I high jacked a jet and got away!"
Me: "then, I accidently crashed the plane into the school, which is good because now I’m in school"
Wien: "and technically I don't get a tardy"
Matt: "and I wasn't chewing gum in school"
Me: "then they had to close the school, which isn't that bad because I don't like school anyway"
Wien: "then I tripped on the gum, which ruined my whole day"
Matt: "so that's how my day went, how was your day?"

^that was a conversation i had on the way home from school today^
i think it's a total lol but, i would love to know what you think... plz post comments

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  1. becnoir's Avatar
    Is that true?