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CHEATER! I'm reporting you to the dean!

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Here's my letter to the dean and whoever else is looking into the situation:

Novermber 12, 2008

To whom it may concern:

The following incident happened on November 10, 2008. I was taking my Sociology test, when
the girl sitting next to me came in late. She took her question sheet from Ms. Glover and sat
next to me. I was about ľ through my test, when I noticed her shuffling through her question
sheet. I was thinking to myself that she probably didn’t know the answers to some of the
questions and ignored it. A few moments later, I flipped on to the next page on my question
sheet and noticed that she did as well. Much to my surprise, she was on the same page I was.
I thought at first that it may have been a co-incidence, but as I wrote down an answer, so
would she. What I do every test is that I write down my answers on both the question sheet and
my Scantron, so I can easily double-check my answers later on. My Scantron wasn’t really visible
to her, but I realized that my question sheet was exposed. I suppose that it was partially my fault
that she copied from me. Irked, I decided to purposely write the wrong answers on my
question sheet, (answers 41-50 specifically) for her to copy. I kept my actual answers on
the Scantron sheet, however. I told Ms. Glover later on, that if the girl had copied the same
wrong answers that I have written on the question sheet, it would prove that she was cheating .

Thank you very much for looking into this situation for me.

Catherine [scribbledallover]My last name xD[/scribbledallover]

God, I hate cheaters.

~ ~ Nak

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  1. Sorgatani's Avatar
    Ugh! Cheaters = SCUM. I hope this issue is resolved, and swiftly!
  2. Nak's Avatar
    Thanks Tani! I hope so too. The reason as to why I hate cheaters is pretty ironic, lol. When I was in first grade, I let my classmate copy from my quiz. Shame on me. But the worst part was, I got in trouble and she didn't! I've changed ever since. I sure learned my lesson. xD
  3. Sorgatani's Avatar
    Well that's the main thing - that you learned. Cheating cheapens the experience of whatever you are doing - this goes in games and in life. Being honest just holds so many more benefits in the long run.
    Good on you for beating her at her own game
  4. Nak's Avatar
    Heehee, I love my super sharp instincts. Jk xD Thanks again, Tani!
  5. belnumcree's Avatar
    Does that mean I'm not allowed to borrow answers from you anymore? ROFL
  6. Nak's Avatar
    No, old man. You should be setting a good example to us young'ins! xD
  7. Sorgatani's Avatar
    You can borrow my answers, but only because I stole them from you first
  8. Nak's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sorgatani
    You can borrow my answers, but only because I stole them from you first
    OMGosh those kinds of sentences kill my brain... xD
  9. Sorgatani's Avatar
    I know..... but I couldn't help it, I'm so easy to bait.
  10. S Tailor's Avatar
    You think you have cheaters cheating to take your answers, You haven't seen where I used to go. They kinda didn't expect me to notice that whenever there was a science test, there was always a big fight to get them to sit next to them :P Sad really
  11. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    In, my schol the rule is if you have somebody cheat off you, you get a 0 too.
  12. Vott's Avatar
    NIce plan!
  13. joinred1127's Avatar
    Plagiarism is absolutely not tolerated at my school. If you are caught cheating, you are expelled.
  14. Paiopa's Avatar
    Wow that sucks. Hopefully it gets resolved and you don't get in trouble either.
  15. Kurt's Avatar
    Well, plagiarism is against federal law... My English teacher told me once that one of her college dorm mates was expelled from college for it.

    I hate when people cheat off of me, or even at all. Two boys in my Chem class last year would use some sort of whistling/tapping/humming code to get answers. I wrote their names on the top of my test and said they were cheating, but I don't think anything happened. She probably thought I was a tattletale. It's so annoying; either you know the material or you don't, and if you don't, just accept that and do poorly instead of cheating off of someone else, possibly threatening their grade as well. :P
  16. Deneves's Avatar
    "Well, plagiarism is against federal law."
    That may be true, but it doesn't mean that you can't be Vice President Elect.
  17. nickgamer10's Avatar
    I am never going to cheat again!
    not like I have......
  18. Viscosity's Avatar
    Good job! I'm glad you realized what that punk was doing before it was too late!
  19. Nak's Avatar

    And yeah, plagiarism's a no-no too.
  20. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    ;A; I just read this blog post, I miss you so much Nak!


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