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Pokefarm Elections 2009

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My fellow Pokefarmers,

With the 2009 elections coming upon us, I felt that I needed to keep you all informed on some of the pokefarmers that I may be running against.

As everyone knows the Pokefarm is the greatest forum on the internet but unfortunately some of our members have dirty little secrets...secrets that I feel everyone has a right to know before they cast there ballots in January. :wink: :lol:

This week my campaign is focused on the most popular of all the Pokefarmers...She is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet...but what is it that make her so sweet??? Please watch my campaign ad to find out [B]Nana Netties's[/B] dirty little secret!

Thanks you for your time and remember...


[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][LEFT][CENTER][SIZE=2]I would like to thank my Campaign Manager, [B]thefuriousangel [/B]for her support and dedication to the campaign to elect [B]Toys4life[/B] in 2009![/SIZE]


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  1. Nak's Avatar
    ROFL Joby!!! XD 5 stars!!! Did you make the image yourself?! Amazing! =D
  2. Nak's Avatar
    Oops, I just saw the thefuriousangel part. XD Great job you two!
  3. mewmaster's Avatar
    oh poor nana im on her side
  4. mewmaster's Avatar
    Remember a vote for nana is a vote for brownies
    P.s. artificial sweeteners optional
  5. Misa Misa's Avatar
    Hahahahehehehehehihihi, my goodness, my stomach hurts
  6. Gouswer's Avatar
    OMG, that is awesome O.O!

    Could we expect more ads like these :3 ?
  7. joinred1127's Avatar
    Oh please…

    T4L owns the artificial sweetener company. He orders Nana to use his products, or he'll put a lean on her mortgage, forcing Nana Nettie to live in the street.
  8. nickgamer10's Avatar
    I wonder what she uses in her infraction brownies
  9. Kurt's Avatar
    She probably digs through the trash looking for SPAM... Bleh!


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