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,.,-*'*-,., B l o g :: A r t ,.,-*'*-,.,

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*points to the dancing Nidorina on this page*

I just can't stop watching it... xDDD Thanks a lot, pokemasterSD. >_> Luffs ya! xD

I discovered that I really enjoy doing all this font stuff... So if any of you bloggers out there need a hand with making your page somewhat like mine, just post here and let me know. Just be sure to include what you want in your blog description. Keep the character limit in mind! *whispers* It's 2000. =P

~ ~ Nak

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  1. nickgamer10's Avatar
    M- Oh wait don't have a blog.....oh well maybe next time!
    Cool stuff Nak! it makes me dizzy 0_o!
  2. pokemasterSD's Avatar
    Your welcome nak! x3

    You can thank kine,the maker. :3
  3. Nak's Avatar
    Thanks Nick. =D

    Okay pokemasterSD. Your real name slips me... xD
  4. becnoir's Avatar
    I need some more cute pics on mine.


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