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Happy Halloween!

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[COLOR="darkorange"][FONT="System"]At this point i figured that i might aswell start making my blog entry's more frequent so i did

on Halloween morning i was just randomly posting happy halloweens in random peoples profiles and many of the people responded and that makes me happy. =)

Well i took my step sister around trick-or-treating and managed to pick up some candy myself. she went around as a pirate and i went around wearing my baret (or however you spell it). trick-or-treating only lasted from 6:00-8:00 but thats enough for me. most of the people trick-or-treating were little kids dressed in cute littles outfits. one boy was a fireman, another a chicken one time i saw the batman kids (one of them holding a light saber [i don't remember batman ever having one of those o.O]). some of the little girls wear in little witch costumes and princess contunes. this whole thing reminds me of this one picture book by jerry signfeld (i'm sorry for the mispellings if any) it was called Jerry Signfeld Halloween and it descided halloween in funny detail (you would have had to listen to it to understand the funniness) and the whole time my L. A. teacher played the disc or whatever my friend sitting next to me was probly thinking [I]why do i have to listen to this? why? plz tell me.[/I] lol.

i'm just rambling and rambling and i don't think that if i wouldn't have wrote this that i would have not read it lol, again!

i figured since this is a alloween entry that went out of controll i made it orange (hense the font)

thats about all i have for now... so i'd love it if you would leave comments... see ya next time!

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  1. Kurt's Avatar
    Did anyone notice the...vulgarity of some costumes? There were costumes I saw with skirts about the length of a finger. I also saw a kid dressed up as a girl...
  2. joinred1127's Avatar
    I saw, like, fifteen Hannah Montana's. With very cheep wigs, I might add.
  3. plusletrainer's Avatar
    oh and i forgot, there also were a few hannah montana's