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Weather, why do you fluctate so?

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I realize it rather useless to address the weather, but I rather enjoy speaking to things which cannot respond, at times. Also, apparently my previous title was misleading and disappointing to some. :P I have read Julius Caesar, I just do not recall much of it besides that line. Apologies, readers!

I have half an hour until I must go to work, and I am having trouble occupying myself until then. The nice thing is, today I am cashiering in the back, so I do not have to change into my usual black work outfit. :D I rather enjoy being assigned to back cashier. The downfall to it is that I have to stand on my tiptoes in order to best read the screen options (it's a touch screen). Alas that I should be only 62 inches tall! Ah well. I want to find a sort of... box, or something, to stand on, but I fear my coworkers shall ridicule me. So I shall just look on the side which tells me I am strengthening my calf muscles. Ha.

Although sickness crept into my system on Friday for the first time since... August or so, at least it was a brief sickness. I am already getting over it! Hooray for the efficiency of my immune system now. I do not take medication if I can avoid it, as I would rather not face side effects, even if it is as simple as making me drowsy.

I am slowly getting better at dancing, with a little help from my friends at my school's swing dancing club. Last week I worked on the Lindy, which I was absolutely terrible at going in to that lesson. Now I am passably good. I would not have thought I would ever take up dancing before this year. My sister is the dancer, so this is exciting for me. She's more a jazz/drill dancer, but all the same.

I restarted my Sapphire game in order to get Huntail and save my Masterball for Latias, as I was tired of chasing it around. I had forgotten how foreign the storyline and everything are, being that I played through it but once. I have restarted FireRed/Blue sooo many times, it's fairly ingrained in my mind where Rival battles and everything are. I just recently restarted with Charmander again, and I'm finally going to get a Suicune! :D

I have been neglecting my reading of late, so I sat down one day and finished Fight Club. I was impressed by how close the movie stayed to it, especially considering how the book is set up. I then read a short work titled Zombie Haiku, which is sweet because I love haiku. I have the Threadless shirt which proclaims:

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense

One of my favorites. :D Anyway, so Zombie Haiku is sweet because it's all haiku, and the poet becomes gradually more dilapidated as the book progresses, and the pages get more gunkified with blood and what appears to be snot and other nastiness. There are Polaroid pictures to illustrate some of the scenes, as well. Overall an enjoyable read.

I started The Picture of Dorian Gray ages ago, so I dove into that again. I am almost halfway through now, but I also was working on FatherGoblin's commission for hours upon hours (I am rather a slow artist, and I kept changing things, besides).

I shall expound upon other recent events in my life later, as it is time for me to go to work.

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  1. Kurt's Avatar
    Short people FTW! I'm prob. 5'2" now, same as you (will find out on Tues.).
  2. Momtaro's Avatar
    I LOVE to Lindy! My son is great at it, but my hubby has two left feet. It is a timeless dance, you will love it, especially advanced Lindy!
  3. Kay's Avatar
    Picture of Dorian Gray is my favourite book ^_^ I hope you enjoy it!
    If you like Oscar Wilde's dark humour and overall cynicism, I would definitely recommend his poems, short stories, and plays.


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