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Land Sailors

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well i just realised that i had this so i might aswell post...

yesterday at school we had a competition to see who could make the best land sailor... this is only memerable because our land sailor was a wheel... and we won first place! Team ([U]Insert Name Here[/U]) FTW! i came up with the name... and kevin came up with the critisism the whole way through... and grant came up with the wheel... and john added on to make our 1st place machine. it had to be powed by a fan and it had to be less than 50cm tall ours ended up being two paper plates and some index cards to hold it in there... in two rnns it went 28ft and 9ft the 9ft run was a mess up and after that we lost hope... but we stil won!

other than that most of the day befor and after was the normal and nothing special...

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