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Nuzlocke on Ruby

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Just dug out my old GameBoy and it is time to Nuzlocke!
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  1. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    Less than 20 minutes in and I am down one Pokemon, Wingul.

    I was so happy to catch one and now she is gone. Poor Gabby, done in by a Wurmple who scored a critical hit.
  2. Viperizer's Avatar
    Crits that kill off a Pokémon are the absolute worst!
  3. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    A bug Pokemon kills a flying Pokemon? How insulting!
  4. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    Rustboro gym complete!

    Time: 1:12
    Pokedex: 6

    Grub - Cascoon L7
    Ziggy - Zigzagoon L8
    Harry - Taillow L9
    Derpy - Mudkip L14

    No one has died since Wingul. I did have a scare when Derpy was poisoned while traversing Petalberg Woods.
  5. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    It is with great sadness that I must inform all of you of the demise of both Derpy and Harry. They were killed while going for the Knuckle Badge in Dewford.

    Time: 2:01
    Pokedex: 9


    Ziggy - Zigzagoon L8
    Beeyotch - Whismur L10
    Grub - Dustox L12
    Roko - Geodude L8
  6. Sorgatani's Avatar
    Oh no! Poor pokemon!
  7. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    I whited out while delivering the Devon Goods to captain Stern in Slateport. Those two Team Magma Grunts were too much for my weakened team.


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