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Pokemon Network Start Up

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So far I've been working on a website, it is called Pkmn-Network, but the official name is Pokemon Network. I bought this domain a week or so again because I was starting to get back into Pokemon and I really liked playing it with my girlfriend. So I created the website in an attempt to keep the community together, but also to add new people (less likely to get confused with So right now I'm adding a lot of interesting things to the website to make it easy for users to use, but also to set it apart from other websites that are doing the same thing. So far I have a few registered users, sadly it's not a lot, but I'm doing my best to do giveaways on twitter in order to get more users on the site. For right now, a lot of planning is going into the website, I'm trying to get suggestions on what kind of mini-games I should program for people to play when they don't want to post on the forum or when no one's on.

A link to the suggestion page is here. If you have any suggestions or examples or even a favorite pokemon, feel free to write it on the thread.

Right now there are a couple of badges add, for testing purposes, but they are easy to add and see. The only two badges added are one for Admins as well as one for Moderators, but those will change and more can be added. On top of badges, there will be Awards, which show under your Avatar. These can display trophies as well as any other kind of interesting award you can receive on the forum. (Hopefully we get more people to be active so I can start doing these events.)

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