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Search for... Shiny Fish. A Chain Fishing Guide.

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First you need a [B]fishing pole[/B]. There are three in these games and Old Rod that you can get in Ambrette Town at the Aquarium, a Good Rod that you you can receive in Courmarine City and a Super Rod that you receive in the Fishing Shack on Route 16. Each of these rods catch different fish at different levels depending on where you use them.

The next thing you will need is a pokemon with [B]Sticky Hold[/B] or [B]Suction Cup[/B] ability. In the overworld these pokemon abilities are stated that when fishing, pokémon are easier to catch. It's not so much that they are easier to catch or capture as they are less likely to end a fishing streak by not getting a bite.

[B]Sticky Hold[/B]
Grimer, Muk, Gulpin, Swalot, Shellos, Gastrodon, Trubbish, Accelgor
[B]Suction Cups[/B]
:224: :345: :346: Inkay & Malamar

The easiest to find are Gulpin on Rte 5 & Inkay on Rte 8. Both have a 50% chance of having the desired ability. Postgame, Roost fossils in Pokemon X can be revived into Lileeps that will have Suction Cup ability.
These pokemon must be in the lead spot for them to work, so if they are fast enough to escape unwanted encounters then faint them or give them a Smoke Ball, even if they are fainted in the lead spot the overworld ability will stay in effect.

Thirdly you will need pokeballs. [B]Dive Balls[/B] are perfect for this and can be purchased in Lumoise City at the Pokeball Boutique. In Ambrette City there is a man that will trade you a Dive Ball for a Pokeball once every day. Net Balls are good for catching Water types and Dusk Balls are the most effective of any after 8 PM or fishing in the cave on Victory Road. A few Quick Balls never hurt either as in the later routes some fish are particularly dangerous to catch.

Then fill out the rest of your party. You will want a pokemon with the HM Surf to get to the best fishing spots and pokemon that can lower HP without fainting the shiny you are trying to catch. False Swipe, Super Fang, Dragon Rage and Sonic Boom are all great examples of these moves and none of these move can ever be a critical hit that will faint the shiny you are trying to catch. False Swipe is generally the best as it lowers the HP to 1 raising the odds of catching it, but some fish have recoil damaging moves that you will want to avoid getting so dangerously low on HP.
Status inducers are always helpful. Sleep is the most effective, Paralysis is the less effective, but more permanent. Poison and Burn are dangerous, because if you don't catch the shiny in time, it could faint.

Now go and fish. The guy in the Fishing Shack says that you should fish in places surrounded by rocks, or in a corner. I'm not sure if shiny pokemon show up there more often, but the chance of breaking your chain by getting a "nothing seems to be biting" is less in these enclosed areas. The longest streaks that I have had without a shiny were on route 8 in an unenclosed area.

Find a spot with the fish you are looking for and start fishing. I register the fishing pole that I want to use and deselect everything else, that way I only need two buttons, Y to cast and A to reel in when I have a bite. When you get a bite an exclamation point will appear above your avatar along with a doink sound. I usually play with the sound off, but for fishing I rely almost solely on the sound que. Hook up your headphones and get in a groove to hit A as soon as you hear that doink.

Sometimes the fish will stay on the line for a while, but I wouldn't count on that. More often than not the fish gets away if you don't reel it in almost immediately after the strike. Once you catch the fish you can run from battle, which I recommend if you are in it for a long streak, faint the pokemon or capture it. Any of these will keep the streak alive.

Your fishing chain ends if:
-You get the "Nothing seems to be biting..." message
-You get the "No! You reeled it in too slow!" message (You pressed A too late)
-You get the "No! You reeled it in too fast!" message (You pressed A too soon)
-You shut off your game, you can save at any time without breaking your streak, but if shut off the game it won't save the streak. Putting it in sleep mode is fine, you can pick it up later and continue your streak.
-Riding your bicycle (Deselect it). Roller skates are okay.
-Leaving the area. Despite what you may have heard or read, you can move around in the area as long as you don't leave it or enter a building.
-Fainting your last pokemon
-Encountering a shiny. I haven't had the nerve to run or the bad luck to faint one, but I know that capturing a shiny ends your streak.

These things won't break a streak:
-Battling fishermen or swimmers in the area. You probably want to avoid this anyhow, but if it happens it's okay.
-Going to the home menu, as long as you don't close your game.
-Switching items or rods or changing the order of your pokemon.

I'm not sure about the PSS, I generally shut off the on-line features as I am not in a position to battle with my fishing team and I try to eliminate distractions. I have pulled in my rod too early sometimes when I saw movement in the PSS so I don't use it anymore while chain fishing.

In terms of when you find the shiny, I can't say. I have had streak of less than ten with a shiny and streaks of over 300 with no shiny. My guess is it similar to the pokeradar where the odds increase slightly until you reach a certain plateau and the stays that way until the end. I would guess that most of my shiny pokemon are caught between 60-80 range.

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  1. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    What about catching the pokemon? Does your chain break after that?

    In my party I have a Gallade that knows Hypnosis, False Swipe, Dream Eater and Mean Look btw X3
  2. Deneves's Avatar
    Catching a shiny breaks the chain. Catching any other pokemon that you caught does not break the chain


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