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Day 1 of Shiny Hunting

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Last night while watching a livestream done by Marriland (Link to the specific livestream: Here) He stated that there was a rumor going around that tipping from Cafes or Dining battles increases your change rate of getting a shiny. So today I've decided that I would try this. I fought at Restaurant Le Nah and tipped 1,000 and decided to see if I could hatch a Shiny Magikarp. I have a male magikarp as well as a female magikarp (JPN) so at the same time I'm also using the Masuda Method to try and hatch a Shiny.

I am currently at work and I take a break every once in a while and hatch a set of 5 Magikarp. So far I've hatched 10 Magikarp with this method and not a single Magikarp was Shiny. I will give updates soon.

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  1. Darkrai13's Avatar
    I watch his livestreams too! He seems to have been extremely lucky with shinies O_o
  2. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    Yeah! He has almost an entire box full! I haven't seen a single shiny yet :'(
  3. Darkrai13's Avatar
    I've chained a few by fishing and an Inkay with the poke radar... and I failed to catch a shiny Abra... I haven't hatched one yet though :/
  4. Donnie boy's Avatar
    How did you get on with this? Any shiny fish pop out of that egg?


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