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Capture Log X - Taunting Tricksters

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Yay! Double figures! No. 10! But sad to say, this is the last Capture Log for a while I'll tell you why tomorrow. But anyway, Taunting Tricksters, Zorua and Zoroark today! These guys were pretty popular at the tart of Gen.5, due to their unique ability, Illusion, which makes the pokemon appear as the pokemon at the back of the party. Btw, just before I finished writing this I found a shiny Purrloin that isn't shiny. It even sparkled!

How to find and catch Zorua/Zoroark
Zorua and Zoroark are available in all Gen.5 games, but always under special circumstance.
Found at: Castelia City (B/W), Driftveil City (B2/W2) | Lostlorn Forest (B/W)
Appearance Rate: 100%
Best Ball to Use: Ultra Ball
Strategy for Entire Line: Your best chance of getting one of these pokemon is to get N's Zorua in Driftveil City from Rood. After that, just train it up until you get it to Level 30. Nice and easy, huh?

LC Zorua Strategy

Zorua has a very respectable base 80 special attack, making it a strong threat if you play your cards right. I tend to prefer going with this kind of set.
Zorua - Life Orb
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
(Still learning about how LC EVs work)
- Extrasensory
- Dark Pulse
- Nasty Plot
- Hidden Power Fire/Rock
Simple set and a wide coverage. Of course, you could use Night Daze for STAB instead of Dark Pulse, but I prefer the flinch chance over the power. Nasty Plot is a good boost, that doubles Special Attack, therefore making the rest of the moves much more powerful. Extrasensory hits the Fighting-types that threaten Zorua hard, as well as the occasional Poison-type. Hidden Power gets those nasty bugs for you. Fire also hits Grass, Ice and Steel, while Rock gets Ice, Fire and Flying.

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