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Capture Log VIII - Adaptable Evolvers

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Yes! Half-term! A week of rest amongst the working weeks of school! Truly, it is a wonderful creation. So I get to play a week of pokemon, watch Avatar the Last Airbender, and play FIFA 13. So, without further ado, the newest addition to my blog, Eevee, the Adaptable Evolver!

How to find and catch Eevee
You can catch or obtain an Eevee in Black 2 and White 2
Found at: Castelia Park
Appearance Rate: 5% - Lvl 18/19
Best Ball to Use: Luxury Ball (if evolving into Umbreon/Espeon) or Dusk Ball (at night) or Nest Ball.
Strategy for Preparation: Eevee, the pokemon that can evolve into seven different pokemon, soon to be at least eight. If you plan to complete the PokÚdex, your best bet is to catch two in Luxury Balls, and get one from Amanita. Get at least one female, preferably Amanita's, since her's has the DW ability. Next, get yourself down to the Daycare, and put a male and female Eevee in until you have 4 eggs. Hatch these eggs, and voila! Seven eevee! The Luxury Ball Eevees are best off being your Espeon and Umbreon, while you can pick and choose with the other five.

LC Eevee Strategy

Eevee doesn't excel at anything, or completely flop either. It's like the child in the class that nobody notices, working hard and staying quiet. However, Adaptability is a great ability, and allows Eevee to perform a powerful Quick Attack, or an awesome Return, which gets up to 204 power. It can also use Iron Tail and Bite, which are necessary if you want to hit a Ghost. Covet is a good alternative to Return, as it still gets up to 120 power while also stealing the foe's item.
Eevee - Normal Gem / Silk Scarf
Jolly / Adamant (+Spd/Atk, -SAtk)
236 Atk / 240 Speed
- Quick Attack
- Return / Covet
- Iron Tail
- Bite / Work Up

Check tomorrow's blog for Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon!

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  1. Sorgatani's Avatar
    Unfortunately, as far as I know, Amanita's eevee is male only.

    However, Eevee can currently be found in the Dream World; it is in the Park area.
  2. pokemonpal7's Avatar
    Really? Bulba doesn't say anything about that, thanks for pointing it out. I got mine ages ago without SR, so I just got male and assumed it was because of the gender ratio.


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