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Discovering the Meek

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Rate this Entry in the past I've lied. I created a false identity to obscure my true identity. I did so because I was having some issues dealing with myself. Let's just say I had a really low opinion of myself and wanted to pretend to be someone I looked up to in real life. I'd really appreciate it if this fact doesn't become the subject of contention, and that it will NOT be discussed further.

Being honest - I am a nineteen year old male currently enrolled in my first year in the California UC system. I am planning on majoring in Marine and Coastal Science with a specialization in Marine Ecology and Organismal Biology and a minor in Theatre Arts. I am also a member of the marching band here. I lack other impressive features worth mentioning.

Aside from my false identity and any backstory pertaining to it, all posts that you believe develop my character as a human being, are truthful and honest. I am still the same person, only with a different backstory.

I'd very much like it if we could move forward past all of this. I apologize if this infringes on anyone's trust with me.

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