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On the back of a Wailmer

So.. I finished the game.

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Picked up as much as possible underway and killed all the legendaries for easier SRing later. Now I guess I'll have to hit the Battle Tower/whatever it's called these days, and get myself the other half of Power Items.. Bleh. Also, shard hunting will be very little fun. But I'm excited to finally be kinda sorta up to date on the Pokemon front, and finally have a chance to get back to breeding!

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  1. pokemonpal7's Avatar
    I just finished before you Beat it at midnight last night. But yeah, there's some pretty cool events going on post e4, isn't there?
  2. Bobreeder's Avatar
    Yeah, there seems to be! So many legendaries to SR, DW ability pokes to catch, items to acquire, Pokemon to breed, but so little time..
  3. Deneves's Avatar
    I found it easy to accumulate shards. I always hit up the museum on join ave looking for evolution items and pick up a shard quite often. One game I built three museums. I spent a lot of time in the hidden grottoes tracking down the females with hidden abilities and am always finding shards there.
  4. Bobreeder's Avatar
    Hmm, thanks for the ideas, I need to level up my Join Avenue though.


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