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Harder then I thought

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I am seven badges into my challenge playthrough on Ruby and I have to say that it has been much harder than I anticipated.

While going for speed my Pokemon have suffered on the EXP side. I have two high level Pokemon and the rest are ten levels behind.

While I have had no problem covering the HMs in my party I have suffered in that some of the better dual types and Pokemon that evolve via trading are out of my reach.

I still have not acquired a Pokemon that can use Fly (waiting for trapinch to evolve) but that is more of a convience move than a necessity.

I am currently sitting outside of the eighth gym in Sootopolis and wondering how I am going to beat the gym leader. If memory serves this is a Water/Ice gym, which means Blaziken is just as likely to help as hurt my chances. Cacnea has still not evolved and his moves so far suck. Kadabra has become my fallback guy but those dark types that Team Magma likes to use have limited his overall awesomness.

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  1. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    What I usually do is get a pokemon that's beneficial for the first gym. (Treeko or Mudkip) Then I catch a pokemon in one of the first few routes that will be beneficial for the second gym. (Wingull) And I place that secondary pokemon in the first spot, switching into my mudkip every pokemon. This way your First Pokemon and Second pokemon generally stay the same level. Once I beat the first gym with Mudkip and Wingull I will catch a pokemon for the third gym (Since I don't need it because Mudkip will be Marshtomp by then I can get a fighting pokemon to defeat Norman. Electric pokemon for Flying Gym, Poocheyena will be good against the psychic gym because of his attack, speed, and Crunch. Then Water would be hard with Mudkip but you can always catch grass pokemon along the way.

    That allows me to complete Ruby/Sapphire in about 6 hours or 7.
  2. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    Except that under the challenge rules if you take Mudkip you can't take Wingul. No more than one Pokemon of each type allowed.
  3. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    Oh, then I would switch out for Taillow :P


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