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Capture Log VI - Cute Creepy Crawlies

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SNOW! Literally tons of it came down last night. You could literally faceplant the ground, and it doesn't hurt. Secondly, I'll edit this blog to look nice in the morning, since my laptop broke and I have to do it on my tablet, which can be a nightmare to use sometimes. And I found the best picture EVER for the blog, because it has today's pokemon, and my favourite False Swiper!

How to find and catch Joltik/Galvantula

You can only find Joltik in Black, White, Black 2 and White
Found at: Chargestone Cave (B/W/B2/W2)
Appearance Rate: 39% / 36% - Lvl 24-27 (B/W) | 39% / 36% - Lvl 25-28 / Lvl 28-30
Best Ball to Use: Dusk Ball, since it's in a cave.
Strategy for Entire Line: Another fairly simple one. Go to Chargestone Cave, and look around until you find a Joltik at the level you want (the Joltiks at Lvl 29 or 30 will know Electro Ball instead of Electroweb, and Joltiks at 26 or over will know Slash instead of Fury Cutter), and use your False Swiper to take it down to 1HP, and you will always have 100% chance of catching with a Dusk Ball at 1HP. Now you've caught it, you'll have to level it 6-12 levels. A good place to do this is with one of the 'Breeder Trainers', as these trainers can be used by walking in and out of an area. They are especially useful for EV training, should you wish to do that. Joltik evolves at level 36, meaning the best Breeder to train on is Breeder Marcus, on Route 7, having a Ducklett and a Tranquill both on Level 34.

LC Joltik Strategy
Joltik is a wonderful pokemon in LC, since Unnerve can stop some pokemon in their tracks, like Oran Berry + Recycle users. Its stats are nothing to talk about, but Joltik can cope, due to a decent movepool, and excellent offensive typing.
Joltik - Occa Berry / Choice (Specs/Scarf)
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Thunderbolt
- Bug Buzz
- Energy Ball / Giga Drain
- Hidden Power Ground
There are only a few brilliant moves available for Joltik, but they do the job. Thunderbolt is Joltik's main STAB with Bug Buzz, and together they hit Psychic-, Water-, Grass-, Flying-, Dark-, Rock-, Ground-, Ice-, Dragon-, Normal-, Bug-, Electric-, Ghost-, Fighting-, Fire-, Steel- and Poison-type for at least neutral damage. Wait... (1, 2... ...15, 16, 17) I just found the new BoltBeam. Except it's now BoltBuzz. With that in mind, Energy Ball or Giga Drain and Hidden Power don't need to be there, but continue to add the the super-effectives, which are Psychic-, Water-, Grass-, Flying-, Dark-, Ground-, Rock-, Steel-, Electric-, Fire- and Poison-type, which is just under 2/3 of the types. The item can be a bit of a conundrum with Joltik, because you don't know whether to protect its weakness, go all-out or speed past the opponent.

UU Galvantula Strategy
It's in a similar boat to Joltik, except the better abilty is Compoundeyes with Thunder. Heck, you might as well give it the same moveset otherwise. They only have what they need, nothing more.

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