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Capture Log V - Geocaching Compass

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Hi again everyone! Sorry for not posting yesterday, I had a ton of homework, and have yet more to do. Nothing interesting really happened to me today, except I fell in a frozen pond during a competition to who could get closest to the middle and I ate a penguin in Geography. Nom. Oh, and Kay's blog helped me dicover Geocaching! Thanks Kay! Does a Nosepass tie in with Geocaching, because it's a compass, and a Rock-type, which has some tie to the prefix Geo-, I think. So many geos!

How to find and catch Nosepass/Probopass
There are only wild Nosepass in Black 2 and White 2
Found at: Chargestone Cavea, Clay Tunnelb, Route 6 (Hidden Grotto - Rare)
Appearance Ratea: 10% - Lvl 27
Appearance Rateb: 15% - Lvl 55-57
Best Ball to Use: Dusk Ball, since the best place to find it is a cave.
Strategy for Entire Line: Go to Chargestone Cave. This will be the quickest way to evolve your pokemon. Find the gender you want, and use your False Swiper to get it down to 1HP, then use your Dusk Ball, which will have 100% catch rate. When you've got it, train around with it on Joltiks and Ferroseeds until it levels up, or just use a Rare Candy, while still in Chargestone Cave. One of the easiest Capture Logs so far!

LC Nosepass Strategy

Nosepass is actually an amazing little cup pokemon. It's amazing at trapping Steel-types and finishing them off, as well as being extremely hard to dent once it's holding an Eviolite, boosting it's base Def to 270 and SDef to 180. That's higher than Deoxys-D!
Nosepass - Eviolite
Magnet Pull
Careful (+SDef, -SAtk)
- Fire Punch
- Stealth Rock
- Block
- Stone Edge

Thanks for reading! No Probopass entry, because I only do entries for pokemon that fit into LC, UU, OU and Uber. I can't really play NU or RU, and I'm only just getting into UU.

Current Pokedex: New Unova
Caught: 12

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  1. Kay's Avatar
    I never managed to make the connection that a Nosepass was a compass, lol...
  2. pokemonpal7's Avatar
    Yeah, its nose always points north xD


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