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Capture Log IV - Hot Dogs

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I've had school again today. I was targeted by the Year 11s in the snowball fight six times. They really don't like me. I think the reasons are that I'm pretty hard to hit and I usually get a head shot when I throw my snow ball. It really annoys them. But I can't help laughing when 20 odd people are aiming at me, and the only thing that hits is a guy that snuck up behind me. Anyway, to get myself warmed up again, let's talk about the Fire Dogs, Growlithe and Arcanine. I'm quite fond of these pokemon, although I don't really know why. Plus, I decided to train Artemis up now. She's my Growlithe-soon-to-be-Arcanine.

How to find and catch Growlithe/Arcanine
There are only wild Growlithe in Black 2 and White 2
Found at: Virbank Complex
Appearance Rate: 20% - Lvl 11-13 / Lvl 12-14
Best Ball to Use: Nest Ball (Low level, gives it a 3x catch rate) or Dusk Ball (at night)
Strategy for the Entire Line: This is going to be one of those entries that are really nice and short isn't it? It's pretty easy to find a Growlithe, and it doesn't matter which kind of grass you go in. Just head into some, run around a bit and find a Growlithe. Use your False Swiper to bring it down to 1hp, and you're probably going to get it in one. It's 100% catch rate, but when it's in thick grass there's only about 82% chance. Then use a Fire Stone on your Growlithe and it evolves into Arcanine! You can get a fire Stone from Black City in both Black and Black 2, but people with White and White 2 (like me) have to get it from someone who has Black or Black 2.

LC Growlithe Strategy

Growlithe - Expert Belt
Flash Fire
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Flare Blitz
- Outrage
- Wild Charge / Dig
- Close Combat
i find this a fun set to use. If you have a Ferroseed out, and the opponent sends out something that looks like it will use a fire attack, switch Growlithe in and give Flare Blitz a boost to 180 power. Outrage is good coverage against baby dragons, and does neutral to all but Steel. Wild Charge is another good coverage which gives protection against water, while Dig is good against other Fire-types. As well as these moves, Close Combat is good against those irritating Steel/Rock types, like Aron. Expert Belt gives the super-effective attacks more power. Overall, Growlithe is pretty lethal.

The Crobat and Zubat sets are done, and I'll do Arcanine tomorrow. Sorry.

Current Pokedex: New Unova
Caught: 10

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