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Capture Log III - Toxic Vampires!

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I was too frustrated to work on the game today, but I will tomorrow, I promise. Plus, I had a ton of homework, so I had to use my snow day for that, considering half of it was due in ages ago. But still, it was a snow day, so I obviously had time to plot my escape from the house to go sledging and build an igloo. Anyway, today's entry is based around Zuzu, my Crobat whom I caught in Castelia Sewers as a Zubat, and evolved quickly with my tender loving care (well, I gave it to a Barber for a fur trim, but hey) and she's now all the way up with me, Aurio the Lucario, Raider the Roserade and **** the ******* at the E4. Yes, that's right, I'm trying to do the E4 with four pokemon. I think it's idiotic, but I don't really like any of my other pokemon, except for Artemis, but she's really low-levelled. I'll probably do a blog entry for her tomorrow. Meanwhile, here's the bat everyone loved to hate in Generations 1-4, Zubat!

How to find and catch Zubat/Golbat/Crobat
There are wild Zubat, Golbat and Crobat in Black, White, Black 2 and White 2.
Found at: (Zubat) Castelia Sewersa [B2/W2] | (Golbat) Route 13b, Giant Chasmc [B/W] Dreamyardd, Celestial Towere, Strange Housef [B2/W2] | (Crobat) Route 13b, Giant Chasmc [B/W] Dreamyardd [B2/W2]
Appearance Ratea: Zubat - 45% - Lvl 14-17
Appearance Rateb: Golbat - 15% - Lvl 48-50 / Lvl 58-60 | Crobat - 5% - Lvl 50
Appearance Ratec: Golbat - 15% - Lvl 48-50 / Lvl 58-60 | Crobat - 5% - Lvl 50
Appearance Rated: Golbat - ?% - Lvl 58 / Lvl 66 / Lvl 64-67 | Crobat - 5% - Lvl 59
Appearance Ratee: Golbat - 5% / 10% / 20% - Lvl 31 / Lvl 32 / Lvl 33
Appearance Ratef: Golbat - 15% - Lvl 32-33
Best Ball to Use: Luxury Ball (Zubat/Golbat, because Golbat evolves with happiness), Dusk Ball at night and Nest Ball for the places that are Lvl 19 and under. Ultra Ball otherwise.
Strategy For Entire Line: Well, you can't say you don't have a choice where to go. But, for the sake of preserving the Pokedex, I'm going to walk you through the evolution from a Zubat in Castelia Sewers, so let's go. Take your False Swiper to Castelia Sewers, get it down to 1hp, and you'll have approx. 98% chance of catching it. Now you've got your Zubat, go battling with it, and get it to Level 22. It should evolve into Golbat. Now you have done this, take it to your Barber Shop in Join Avenue, and get it to max happiness. You can check this between cuts with Bianca on the X-Transceiver. Level it up one more time, and you have yourself a Crobat!

LC Zubat Strategy

Zubat - Eviolite
Inner Focus
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Brave Bird
- Confuse Ray
- Astonish / Mean Look
- U-Turn
I couldn't resist showing this set. Don't you remember the horrible times when Zubat used Confuse Ray? It used Astonish, so the battle was even longer? It used Mean Look so you can't escape? This set is just built to annoy and remind the opponent of those times. With a bit of competitive STAB and escape. Zubat's Brave Bird is pretty dangerous to a lot of foes, and the explosion of fighting-types this generation can be dealt with, by Zubat's 4x resistance, and super-powerful STAB.

UU Crobat Strategy

Crobat - Choice Band
Inner Focus
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Brave Bird
- Cross Poison
- U-Turn
- Zen Headbutt
This set is basically - get in there, put in a strong hit, get out. If it can take a hit, get it out next turn. Best used in conjunction with Volt Switch, but still pretty good. Not much else to say really.

Current Pokedex: New Unova
Caught: 8

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