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Capture Log II - Aura Jackals

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So, I got through Victory Road, beat the E4 and 5 of Irisĺ pokemon today. Haxorus had just defeated Aurio, the pokemon this post is inspired by, when my ds ran out of charge. And silly old me, hadnĺt saved since before Victory Road. So there goes my movesets, my training, my evolutions. FUUUUU-

How to find and catch Riolu/Lucario
There are only wild Riolu in Black, White, Black 2 and White 2.
Found at: Floccesy Ranch (B2/W2)a and Challenger's Cave (B/W)b
Appearance Ratea: 5% - Lvl 5-7
Appearance Rateb: 5% - Lvl 49-50
Best Ball to Use: Luxury Ball (Riolu evolves with happiness)
Strategy For Entire Line: While Riolu can be quite hard to find, it's relatively easy to catch. If you have a good False Swiper, and something that can put the Riolu to sleep (I like Techniloom, get one from Sorgatani while you can!), you'll have about 77% chance of catching it. After you catch it, it's another case of happiness - one which I've had to go through for 3 of the four members of my team. Once again, you should give your pokemon a Soothe Bell, but I have revised my method this time - taking a pokemon to the Beauty Salon stall on Join Avenue and buying a treatment from there will increase the happiness a lot. Also, if you walk 256 steps while a pokemon is in a Luxury Ball holding a Soothe Bell, it will gain +3 happiness. Level it up on max happiness, and presto! You've got a Lucario!

LC Riolu Strategy

Riolu - Leftovers
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Roar
- Swords Dance
- Shadow Claw
- Drain Punch
I like this set. I like it a lot. While it can take a bit of effort getting the DW Riolu, this set really makes up for it. I love having a Ferroseed teamed up with this guy, because if you can get Stealth Rocks and Spikes down, the opponent is in for a world of hurt. Priority Roar allows Riolu to just keep switching the opponent in and out and taking damage. But, should a Prankster Taunter come in that's faster than you, you can always fight back with Drain Punch or Shadow Claw. This is a really fun set to use.

OU Lucario Strategy

Lucario - Choice Band
Inner Focus
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Jolly (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Zen Headbutt / Earthquake
- Close Combat
- Ice Punch
- Extremespeed
This set allows Lucario to cover most of its weaknesses. The first move is a toss-up between beating the Fighting- weakness or beating the Fire- weakness. I find that there are way more threatening Fighting-types this generation than there are Fire-types, so I usually go Zen Headbutt. Close Combat is a powerful STAB, and Ice Punch is a great move that covers Lucario's Ground weakness, as well as beating any excessive Grass-, Flying- and Dragon-types and a nice 4x super-effective on Dragonite and Salamence.

Current Pokedex: New Unova
Caught: 5

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Updated 01-20-2013 at 06:26 PM by pokemonpal7



  1. Sorgatani's Avatar
    You can find Riolu in B/W, they're in the Challenger's Cave and found at above lv50

    Also, Ice Punch is an ice type move, not a STAB.

    That said, my lucario has been a valuable addition to my B2 in-game team.
    Updated 01-20-2013 at 06:13 PM by Sorgatani
  2. pokemonpal7's Avatar
    Oh yeah, thanks Tani. Forgot about those
  3. Sorgatani's Avatar
    I do like Ice Punch, collecting the shards was difficult but completely worth it ^_^
  4. pokemonpal7's Avatar
    Yeah, shards can be quite annoying to find. I half-wish that the Move Tutors did it for BP, but it can be a nice surprise to find a random shard and realise you have enough for that certain move.


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