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Capture Log I - Dancing Flowers

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While I defeat the Elite Four, we'll go over how to catch the different species that I'm currently using in my team. I caught a Roselia for it today, so we'll start with that evolution line.

How to find and catch a Budew/Roselia/Roserade
There are only wild Roserade and Roselia's in Black 2 and White 2.
Found at: (Both evolutions) Route 12a, Lostlorn Forestb and Victory Roadc.
Appearancea Rate: Roselia - 20% - (Lvl 35-37 / Lvl 39-41) | Roserade - 5% (Rustling Grass) - (Lvl 38.)
Appearanceb Rate: Roselia - 15% - (Lvl 23-24 / Lvl 25-26) | Roserade - 5% (Rustling Grass) - (Lvl 24)
Appearancec Rate: Roselia - 30% - (Lvl 48-50 / Lvl 53-55) | Roserade - 5% (Rustling Grass) - (Lvl 50)
Best Ball to Use: Dusk Ball at night (x3.5), Quick Ball first turn (x4), Ultra Ball any other time (x2).
Strategy For Entire Line: I find it best to capture Roselia, and the best place to get a Roselia in my opinion is Victory Road. The highest level, as well as the highest appearance rate, makes it very appealing to me. After capturing it, you should take your Roselia to a Daycare, slap a Rose Incense on it, and wait for a baby Budew to pop out. After this, you will need to give your Budew a Soothe Bell, and train it (for EVs, if you feel competitive, although without Power Items, it could take a while.) until it has Max Happiness and evolves into another Roselia. From here, you can choose to evolve either your old Roselia or your new one with a Shiny Stone. And there's the complete evolution line!

LC Budew Strategy

Budew - Eviolite
Natural Cure
Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk)
- Spikes
- Protect
- Toxic
- Venoshock
Sure, it's completely doomed against a Steel-type, but so what? It still performs pretty well against other types, by laying down its Spikes, walling with Protect, wearing the foe down with Toxic, and double damage with STAB Venoshock.The Eviolite allows it to stay on the field for a fair while, so it can set up, and Natural Cure lets it heal its status damage.

OU/UU Roserade Strategy

Roserade - Coba Berry
Poison Point
252 SAtk, 4 SDef, 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Weather Ball / Shadow Ball
- Leech Seed
- Petal Dance
- Sleep Powder
This pokemon's mission is to annoy, annoy, annoy. First, knock the opponent out with powder emanated from the pokemon's roses. While it's asleep, Roserade spits seeds onto the pokemon, which grow into vines and saps the foe's health. Finally, you can either throw a ball of sand/fire/water/ice/spritual energy at the opponent's face, or send razor sharp petals at it. And if a Flying-type comes at Roserade, the berry lessens he damage. Fire-types can be dealt with by a watery Weather Ball. Weather-inducers are the best team-mates for this dancer.

Thanks for reading today's blog entry, remember to comment and check back tomorrow!

Current Pokedex: New Unova
Seen: 3
Caught: 3

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