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PokePal's Perfect PokÚdex!

PokÚPal's Perfect PokÚdex! Foreword

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Welcome to my shiny new blog! It's going to be my daily attempt at filling spaces in on my entire PokÚdex, starting with the New Unova one, and finishing when I have the Shiny Charm.

I'm going to be doing daily (if I can manage it) blogs based on the pokemon I'm trying to get on that day. Not to mention, it will contain competitive strategies for the lowest and highest form in the evolution chain. It will contain updates on how many pokemon I've got so far and how many left to go until each reward. It will also contain details on how I caught it, where I caught or who I got it from. Thanks for reading, hope you check back tomorrow!

Current PokÚdex: New Unova
Currently Seen: 0
Currently Own: 0

P.S Thanks to Steve for giving me this blog!

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  1. TheNinjaPhoenix's Avatar
    That's brilliant. Well done on getting the blog!


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