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Gen III Challenge

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Today I dug out my old Gen III Pokemon GBA games. It was kind of weird playing them in no small part due to the fact that most of the Pokemon I used to use back then have made their way to later games via the PalPark and its iterations.

Even though my Emerald game has a full Pokedex there were only a handful of Pokemon on the chip. Same goes for my copy of Leaf Green. Just a couple of middling Pokemon on those old chips. When I popped in Ruby I was shocked to see that I had restarted it at some point in the past. Not so shocked to get the dead battery message

With my intention of running the Ruby/Sapphire Challenge in February I have decided to trial it by clearing out my Ruby and starting it fresh.

The challenge will require me to limit myself to only using one Pokemon of each type MAX! Yup, if I catch a dual-type that blocks two typings from my team. It also means that if I start with Treeko I can never use/catch another Grass Pokemon. If I start with Torchic and pick up a Machop before he evolves I can never evolve Torchic!

I'll report back my results.

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  1. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    For most gyms my starter has been five to nine levels higher than gym leader's Pokemon. My others have been at or lower. Now that I have the EXP share it is more balanced.
  2. TheNinjaPhoenix's Avatar
    Hm - the main problem I can see is with dunning out of options if you have set plans.

    For example, I know I'll use Flygon and Manectric, for me, that's a given. Its my starter which will be a key choice, obviously, and of course there's the matter of needing to surf...
  3. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    Surf is easy - Zigzagoon, the perfect HM slave.
  4. pokemonpal7's Avatar
    Flygon [Ground/Dragon]
    Hariyama [Fighting] (Surfer)
    Skarmory [Steel/Flying] (Flyer)
    Sceptile [Grass] (Cutter)
    Torkoal [Fire] (Glacia/Steven Killer)
    Sableye [Dark/Ghost] (Phoebe Killer)
    Walrein [Water/Ice] ( Drake Killer)
    Armaldo - [Bug/Rock] (Glacia Killer)
    Grumpig - [Psychic]
    Manectric - [Electric]
    Slaking - [Normal]
    Seviper - [Poison]

    That's my plan, feel free to point out any problems
  5. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    The only problem I see is that you will not acquire your second Pokemon until the second gym. Will you have enough Pokemon for HMs?
  6. pokemonpal7's Avatar
    I'm fairly sure Walrein can be Dive/Waterfall, Slaking can Rock Smash/Strength, Sceptile can Cut, Skarmory can Fly and Hariyama can Surf. There's only 7 HMs, right? Oh yeah, Sableye can learn Flash.
  7. Deneves's Avatar
    Picking your water type seems to be the hardest decision. Wingull/Pelipper are water types that can't lean Waterfall or Dive and Gyarados is a flying type that can't learn Fly so neither would be a good choice.
  8. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    When does Slaking become catchable? You get Rock Smash after your third gym badge.
  9. Sorgatani's Avatar
    I thought Slakoth were in the forest... as far as I know they're not swarm mons *looks it up*
    Yep, Petalburg Woods.
  10. TheNinjaPhoenix's Avatar
    Slakoth is caught in Petalburg Woods - the other two are obtainable by trade or evolution only, I believe.
  11. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    I picked up an Abra/Kadabra as my psychic Pokemon. He can't hit his final form but Kadabra should be good enough for story mode.
  12. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    Now I'm stuck on the Flying gym. Altaria keeps knocking me out. Tried to Disable her Earthquake but my attack always misses on that one.
  13. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    Finally beat Altaria. Had to burn two hours training before I was strong enough to beat the gym.
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