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Platinum Adventure Update

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Currently all the main pokemons I'm using are all near level 50. I decided to add the awesome Electivire to my team and Gengar. But I'll need to find Electabuzz and the electrizer or whatever you call it. Then I'll need to find someone to trade a Haunter to me, which reminds me of something from yesterday. This girlNPC at Snowpoint city had a haunter to trade, and I needed to find a Medicham or evolve one. I caught one at Mt. Coronet. I went to back to Snowpoint and traded with her. This girl decided to put an Everstone on it..I wasted 30 minutes, searching for a Medicham and was rewarded with a Haunter with an Everstone on it.

I got all the gym badges now, so I just need to train more then challenge the Pokemon League. Hopefully this week I can breed and do my first farm event. I already know what I will be breeding.

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  1. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    XD If you need help setting up your DS for wifi let me know. Also get on msn lol
  2. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    Guys! Vott beat Cynthia!
  3. Chiaroscuro's Avatar
    But at least you have a Haunter with a different Trainer ID, so you might have a good chance at the lottery now. xD


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